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Novel Bus Update Time

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\is able to consult,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych],[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], or the case be transferred to you directly to the Bureau of Investigation and the Bureau Yǔ Nóng military, never easy to offend any party action and so stunned that they have not yet forty-room a few, are aware of their existence . they could still sits Nanjing headquarters, its capability to command thousands of miles northeast of the Japanese military action, investigation into the Northeast, North Puppet authorities and the local garrison of the large number of intelligence. such as the Zhang Yuejun (Qun) rushed to the emergency Taiyuan,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and Yan Baichuan emergency services providers access in northern China. One of the important reasons is security intelligence station in Shenyang Yi glance, the fourth part of Yan Baichuan Suiyuan govern the division of two deputy garrison commander, are frequent contacts with the Japanese intelligence officer and two secrets to the Japanese Kwantung Army in Shenyang Emirates met with.
????\An Yi's fourth hall from each other is the right approach to improve step by step. \Xu Enceng down replied: \, because of command and time factors. staff was difficult as the country as Yǔ Nóng brother recruitment of cadres within the army, security screening after the selection of the best general non-commissioned officers sent to a special class schools, telecommunications and special expertise, etc., to accept a long period of professional scraping training, so staff requested the Committee under the seat agree that the Fourth Chamber of General Congan related or non-commissioned officers in the schools selected a group of young cadres, in order to enrich the strength of this Council. \Chiang Kai-shek minor consideration, readily agreed: \Xu Enceng pleased to thank: \The exercise to pass out papers, neatly captured the national intelligence agencies, military attaches of the attention, now that the general turned out to be cast deceive security measure, do not know so many envoys and military attaches States satisfied with? \Chiang waved: \The opportunity is also very clever well thought, in one fell swoop and much, both to outsiders from speculating that he could not have the strength of the fourth room, but also through the maneuvers. to the Chinese and foreign troops to pass a clear position.
????\point of view, not only will not be disappointing, I'm afraid but can be unexpected
????See under. \Xu Enceng smile Sincerely, respectful leave.
????Chiang Kai-shek left the file open Xuen Zeng, looked for a moment within the central government spies arrested in the trial testimony, and shook his head and close the file, a long sigh.
????An Yi Chiang ponley this as fast as large-scale operation is extremely appreciated, and very satisfied with the achievements, but soon thought has entered a critical period Jinchao action, could not help but sigh with regret that up again.
????Chapter VII fifty-two body to pull a dozen palm
????Novel Bus Update Time :2010-7-21 19:14:38 number of words in this chapter: 5146
????Military maneuvers was a great success. The most part in the exercise of the two units as an independent division of defeated a brigade Forty-six brigade offensive ended, the Chinese military exercises in the rapid reaction capability and endless dazzling tactics, so observe the various Army schools, countries in Chinese envoys and military attaches of praise, the debut of several new weapons to cause great crowds attention.
????An Yi sharp-eyed. Long been a go-getters in the observation group were found in the school has not,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], as the seventh with his division commander of Lu Yixuan, An Yi defeated his brothers to see a crestfallen look, seem to have the drum several times View from the courage to talk to yourself, create opportunities for themselves to him, and his in-step but not before, seem very reluctant, so a few times down, there is no mood to control him;

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