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to train his two years

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An Yi was overjoyed: \\Du Yi shook his head, and finally express my concerns in mind.
????An Yi thin I thought, and jaw slightly, then asked: \Du Yi answered truthfully: \\\When he moved to a major security forces battalion commander, battalion commanders of security in early sent to Shun, to train his two years, then transferred to the main force nurture it. But this time, led his troops to attack Shun Long, remembering love this kid , there is no work against the Red Army and the Ministry of He Long, up too many false can not resist the Red Army, led the troops to take the initiative to evacuate Shun, miscellaneous uncle was very angry, it is estimated to carry the child in this sacking.
????Brother more haste, stay dry with the mixed city airport about an hour and left Uncle, too late fine to ask. It seems this kid is no longer mixed in the Western, so I think the implementation of the plan by him to the most appropriate group after this guy for two years following the Hongwu Jun, dry day in the mountains that circle the dirty
????\An Yi stood up slowly paced, mind emerges Young Huang goes Whampoa five square face was proud of condescension,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], this time carefully pondering the psychological Huang, think he still remember the Red Army, still have a strong sense of belonging, * * Members of the faith I am afraid that being deeply integrated into his blood.
????Despite the political campaign because of fear caused the death of Huang escaped,Church generals quietly looked at the map, but his performance was sufficient to show he still If his soul had led, or will not give up the Ministry of meritorious alumni defeated Long an excellent opportunity to take the initiative to withdraw the false military intelligence, handing the Red Army from the same source a big brother, cheap.
????After much deliberation, An Yi finally decided: \. at this time Huang, is a traitor in the eyes of the Red Army was an army deserter, in the eyes of Western soldiers, he became wimp coward. even a traitor! Huang has come to end of its tether, allowing him to implement your plan is appropriate. He is a smart guy, let him understand that this is the last chance, the only meritorious atonement, in order to have a bright future, no promise he'll be down more than beating a dead horse,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but can be done and for his solid foundation and long-term adhere well placed to exploit the wealth of guerrilla attack Zhanshanweiwang flexible experience, the implementation of this account is really the best person to Kazuya.
????\Only three of us, who know how to contact the future, how to use, easy to you solely responsible for the DU. \\\An Yi shook his head smiled: \This year we manage him on the line. \Body of the eighth chapters Fanghuguishan
????Novel Bus Update Time :2010-7-28 23:56:57 number of words in this chapter: 5031
????City of West Guzhang a bit with thousands of water Lannan. xiaoshuobus free Cave Creek Blue North. East and the flow from the dry hills to meet the enemy only forty-five km city, arrived in Baojing West, North and Wing Shun junction. Residences in the West the ancient Pu Xiuya of fish scales, hammer bluestone paved streets, silent witness to the town and distant history.
????And Hee-sun winter, a team of horses to leave the beltway, but after the new road, into the south direction,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], riding horses in the thick quartzite, and a dense and crisp sound.
????Forty Fourth Army in general is already ZHANG Cun Zhuang long black horse riding, walking in the front ranks. Brigadier behind the two divisions and one thousand guards sternly, eyes murderous.
????ZHANG Cun Zhuang behind wearing the uniform of Colonel Du Yi very much, thin face on seemingly calm. Around the school is not angry, the people seem tranquil and mild, leisurely, but his heart really think I am afraid not many people know.
????Du Yi is a dry city at noon today by plane, and the plane went to the newly completed Western hungry city Jing Office compound, respectfully called on the Western Wangzhang Hong complex, enclose a personal letter from Ann Yi.

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