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not to speak

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CAI Zhong Yi sat around in safety and breathtaking. CAI Zhong Wat ear he whispered: \\? today, but for the time and the expansion of economic circumstances to call me. I do not know what you're here. But even if you do not come. Tomorrow I will go to your land. ha ha! \CAI Zhong Wat loud straightforward, his face showing sly smile, suddenly took to attract the attention of his brothers over land.
????An Yi heard that bad, Chen Xialian to no talk loud tone said: \That brother can not call to mind a few cannons, and you take it from the hands of many of the little brother!
????This time anyway, the younger brother never ceded a gun to, what you want to get something back is not wrong, then send your little brother to harness horse horses robust it. \An intense fear of seeing the way Yi, smiled not help everyone. Yu and Wang and when the economy has expanded three conditions are familiar with the situation, know Wat Artillery Command CAI Zhong Feng Jiang Xiaozhang of life, to An Yi tomorrow to receive a certain amount of land seized by the Department of artillery, but did not personally do not know why this Jiangjiao Chang An incident notification Yi, see Yi such a dramatic response to safety, first surprised a moment then have fun, and want to see how to do Wat CAI Zhong, Hu Tsung-nan,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Xuantie Wu, Huang Jiedeng people and security from the CAI Zhong Yi's dialogue pleasant to the ear out of the tricks.
????Food and wine after another side, CAI Zhong Wat smiles told the maid pouring, do not argue with the security Yi, looks determined to win a pair of brothers has attracted a burst of laughter.
????An Yi shook his head tightness, not to speak, was about to complain to the right of Hu Tsung-nan, Hu Tsung-nan
????Up, Looking elegant room door, the one wearing a silver-gray suit, received in the seat next to the smart guy, very pleased to introduce:
????\I introduce you, this is commander of the artillery CAI Zhong Wat Big Brother, this is ... ... This is what I told you about security Yi junior in the sector, this guy long handsome man, to fight more violent,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and now the official Most of our brothers over the ... ... small Yi, how do you? stupid? \We all stand up and salute, except as in the Yi An evil like sitting in a chair, gazing steadily at the face longer, his forehead full, with a straight nose, thick lips, the Dai Li Tai, and my heart mixed feelings, imagination He did not know Dai Li's army, or Whampoa six students, now even come down to the living from Wuhan to Nanjing awaiting placement in a dilemma.
????On the Xiao Ma Yi Hu Zongnan heard, quickly stood up and squeezed the hand of Dai Li, towards the door of the pretty maid shouted:
????\\Wearing a blue floral short dress maid hurriedly moved to a chair and carefully placed in the location specified security Yi heard Anyi Li politely thanks, not help Dailiaoyixia, the rise and looking at the face of ambiguous Ann Yi smile, immediately bowed his head, a pink-red clouds clouds to little face suddenly, attracted everyone laughing.
????An Dai Li Yi carelessly Please sit among themselves and Hu Tsung-nan, sent his own glass gently yet to Dai Li tableware before delivery to the glass took maid poured a glass of their own, waiting for the boss seat CAI Zhong words.
????No wine to CAI Zhong Huan up hearty speech, get away two or three words, eleven glass \sound.
????Just sat down, took the maid to the hands of Hu Tsung-nan to the bottle, pouring wine for everyone to be personally, An Yi quickly stand up and grab the bottle, here he was the youngest and have the least seniority in the family, this is a courtesy he understand.
????An Yi Hu Tsung-nan to see the bottle holding hands respectfully to the CAI Zhong, Pei Yuan, and pour wine for each senior, nodded with satisfaction, the brothers turn to sigh loudly:
????\and other dozens of Wuhan, I fled after a classmate, is led over a hundred twenty-three Jacky nothing in Hangzhou, Wu Shan (Jiang Xianyun) to Zhang Kui general there do not want to come back, again and again refused to principals call, willing to military twenty-six division in November when he headed to seventy-seven Colonel Group, the old Ho and Chen which help them to study in the Soviet Union Jiaojiao still not back, the only way I gathered the first three Army divisions Article Yuxue You, because of the expense of most of the campaign again and again,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych],[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], each time they begin is with emotion ah! \

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