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mbt shoes sale Inverter air conditioner defects c

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Inverter air conditioner defects: damage caused by harmonic pollution and

Bering100081, China) Abstract: Theexperimentontheventilationheatexchangerdesignedanddevelopedbyauthorwhichwasusedasenergyrecoveryinairconditioningsystemwasperformed. Theeffectoftheindoorandoutdoortemperaturedifferencesoftheairconditioningroomandvariousfrontalairvelocitiesontheperformanceofheatexchangingandtheresistancecharacteroftheheatexchangerwasinvestigatedandtherulerelationsoftheperformanceofheatexchangingandtheresistancecharacteroftheheatexchangerwasfitted. Thenanalyzedtheenergyconservationeffectbasedonwinterdata. Theresultsshowthattheefficiencyofheatexchangingreaches64.5% andthepressurelossislessthan20Pa. Theairconditioningsystemusedtheheatexchangerobtainedremarkableenergyconservationeffectwhichshowsthatputtheheatexchangerintopracticeisfeasible, effectiveanddeservedpopularizingonenergyconservation. Keywords: ventilationheatexchanger; performanceofheatexchanging; pressureloss; energyconservation Author: Tang Zhiwei (1966 -), male, Shaoyang, Hunan, Ph.D., associate professor, mainly engaged in water source heat pump and ground source heat pump study, participated in the national central air conditioning duct cleaning standards complete with central air conditioning duct cleaning demonstration project. Inverter air conditioner defects: harmonic pollution and harm caused by the current market exchange frequency technology used in home air conditioning is the core of the inverter, the inverter is the power of nonlinear load, its operating frequency during power to DC voltage rectifier signal, the noise filter and high power transistor switching elements for the variable frequency AC inverter signal. In the rectifier circuit, the input current waveform is irregular rectangular wave,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], wave by Fourier series decomposition of the fundamental and the harmonics, which will interfere with the high-order harmonic input power supply system. Output loop current signals can be decomposed into only the fundamental sine wave and the other containing all the harmonics, harmonic and fundamental power system stack, causing waveform distortion caused by harmonic pollution. Harmonic pollution in power, will make the transmission lines, transformers and motors loss increases, resulting in significant energy waste; transformers and motor vibration and noise will be increased, the temperature increases, lower life expectancy; error of energy meters and other measuring devices increases,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], can not correctly measure energy; power system protection error starts, false tripping, tripping and damage,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], often caused by accidents or expand power outage; computer data transmission and automatic control system data loss, misuse showed malfunction and component damage, the TV image deterioration, roll; radio and communications caused by noise and so on. To solve the problem of harmonic inverter air conditioner,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], technically has been basically through, but some manufacturers consider the cost of only simple, do not want to take corresponding measures, thus the healthy development of inverter air conditioner market, adverse effects, the relevant departments can not be taken lightly . (From 2006,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Volume I Pina


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