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ed hardy lippis Inverter and the PLC in the centra

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Inverter and the PLC in the central air conditioning system Renovation

Is not the same. In the use of air conditioning, if the detected temperature is higher than the set temperature, the inverter output frequency must be accelerated; and in the use of heating, if the detected temperature is higher than the set temperature,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the inverter output frequency to be reduced. Therefore, we must add the control system, summer / winter switch to ensure the accuracy of control. 3 Conclusion centralized air conditioning system and fan control with frequency converter and the PLC, you can use the constant parameters (pressure, pressure, temperature,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], temperature, etc.) to control, when the parameters of reduced or increased, by reducing or increasing the pump speed to reduce Little or increase supply (or wind) capacity to maintain a constant air-conditioning pipe network parameters to achieve the purpose of energy-efficient. References: 【1] Li Fang Park. Application of the drive industry [MI. Beijing: China Electric Power Press, 2006. 【2] Li Fang Park. Inverter application technology [M]. Beijing: Science Press,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], 2008. [3】 leaves, LITERATURE, Dong Tao. Dual-duct VAV air conditioning system design [J1. HVAC, 2008, (1). Received date :2008-11-17 Revised :2008-12-15ApplicationofTransducerandPLCintheReformoftheConcentrationAir-cOnditi0ningSystemLIFang - yuan (ZhejiangBusinessTechnologyInstitute, Ning ~ o315012, China) Abstract: Anewcontrolmethodwasintroducedandappliedtoreformthefanandwatersysteminconcentrationair-conditioning, whichusedthepopularandmaturecontroltechnologyoftransducerandPLC. Asaresult, thesystemcanrununderautomaticclosed-loopcontrolandbecomeenergy-saving. Keywords: transducer; PLC; concentrationair-conditioning; watercirculation; fan; reform Author: Li Fang Yuan (1973 a), male, Zhejiang Zhoushan people,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Bachelor of Engineering, senior engineer, engaged in automatic control teaching and research. ApplicationandAnalysisoftheNippleThrottleZHANGYong (GREEElectricAppliances. INC.ofZhuhaiCo., Ltd, MechardcalandElectricalTechnologyResearchlrastitute, Zhuhai519070, China) Abstract: Capillary, electronicexpansionvalveandthermalexpansionvalveweremainpartsforthrottlingofairconditioneratpresent. Asanewkindofthrottlingmethodappearedinrecentyears, nipplethrottlingcannotonlyhelptosaverawmaterials, laborcostandshortenproductionprocess, butalsoimprovesintegralperformanceandreliability0ftheairconditioner. Keywords: nipplethrottling; cost; reliability; performance Author: Zhang Yong (1980), male, martial arts people in Shaanxi,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], bachelor, X-engineers, project leader, in the efficient system and compressor reliability. Ellipsoid l67


[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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