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franklin and marshall sale Variable Air Volume sys

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Variable Air Volume and cold water temperature and Experimental Study of Decoupling Control System

01. Hydraulic Concrete Aggregates testing procedures 【z1. 【414GB/T14684-2001. Building sand 【z1. 【5】 GB/T14685-2001. Building gravel, gravel 【z】. Received :2007-09-1O Revised :2007-09-13 Author: Zhao Feng (1979), male, assistant, undergraduate, mainly engaged in water conservancy construction work. (Continued from page 2Cool shows that from the experiment successfully reduced decoupling device controller asked the impact of inter-related, to the time of using the effect of the independent control loop. Since the two controllers and two Decouple role during the wet bulb temperature of the entire circuit can now maintain the wet bulb temperature within its set. Situation from the fluctuation curve, curve less volatile, stable and also in our time within the scope of acceptance, if further optimization of the parameters, setting, get a better response control curve. 6 Conclusion In this issue of the variable air volume system temperature and humidity control experiment, through the use of multi-variable,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], multi-output system decoupling analysis of the association, draw the corresponding decoupling devices, and the decoupler integrated into the controller, From the experimental results,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Decouple solve our variable air volume system in the temperature and humidity control problems. Multi-variable, multi-output control in the industrial field has been widely used,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], we used the HVAC control system, from the experimental results, the control method has very obvious energy saving advantages, more better to solve some long-term problems that plague us, the other on the HVAC control system also provides a reference. References: l】 【ROLSON,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], JLIEBMAN. Optimizationofachilledwaterplantusingsequentialquadraticprogramming [J】. EngineeringOptimization, 1990, l5. 【2】 ALBERTTPSO, eto1. NewHVACcontrolbysystemidentification [J]. BuildingandEnvironment, 1995,30:349 ~ 357. 【3】 Sun Yijian. Changes in water flow on the air conditioning system of lJl_ HVAC, 2004,34 (7): 60 ~ 62. I4】 DOUGLASJCOOPER. Practicalprocesscontrol [Z]. ControlstationLLC,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], 2 () 04. Received date :2007-03-02TemperatureandHumidityControlwithDecoupleAlgorithmintheVariableAirVolumeandChilledWaterTemperatureAir-conditioningSystemXUXiao-jun, WENGWen-bing (ShanghaiUniversityo plant Technology, Shanghai200093, China) Abstract: MIMO (maninmachineout) controlstrategywithdecouplerswasappliedinthevariableairvolumeandwatertemperatureair - conditioningsystem. Theexperimentsshowedthatthedecouplersgreatlyimprovedthestabilityandquickresponseinthetemperatureandhumiditycontrolwithvariableairvolumeandchilledwatertemperature. Keywords: variableairvolume; variablechilledwatertemperature; decouplecontrol; airconditioning; experiments butterfly. Ocher I107Il / 1l that most of the first 28 of the total volume u


[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

Franklin Marshall pas cher Unloader operations and

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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