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Hollister sale Development of packaging industry _

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Development of packaging industry Tieling

smadeaconsiderableprogressthedevelopmentofpackagingindustry. Overthepastnyears. 33millionyuanhaeeninvestedintechnologicalbansformation, 30setsOfequipmentimported. andover30flewpackagingproductsdeveloped. ThecitynOWhasattainedagreatercompetitivecapadtyatpackagingmarket. Tieling City, Liaoning Province,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], located in the north, known as Tieling jurisdiction of cities, 5 counties. Two districts, the total area of ​​17,500 square kilometers, with a total population of 3.8 million, favorable natural conditions and convenient transportation and abundant products. Tieling countries every year of the province's total grain] / 3, the coal resources of the province 1 / 3, power generation accounts for the province's 1,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych],4. Since the Third Plenary,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], iron lacewing city industrial and agricultural production has developed rapidly, exports are growing, the city's 5-year cumulative amount of export products reached 1.2 billion acquisition. With the development of commodity economy, packaging industry Tieling City has also been considerable development. 2O packaging industry in 1980 there were only households in 1989 has grown to more than 42 counties, only 45.8 million yuan industrial output value in 1980, and 1989 has exceeded 110 million yuan, an increase of 1.1 times; Lee Che Director of the Economic Commission for the Tieling City - Iron City Baoxie roll Secretary-confrontation. Tax from 7.9 million yuan in 1980 increased to 13 million yuan in 1989. The city already has a paper packaging products, plastic packaging products, metal containers. Glass containers, packaging and decoration printing, packaging machinery and packaging raw materials and other industries. A new package with a variety of categories of industrial system is taking shape. Sixty-five to seventy-five period, the city funds for the technological transformation of the packaging industry more than 3300 million, 30 sets of imported equipment, digestion and absorption of three varieties, more than 30 research and development of new packaging products, such as cardboard boxes dryer. Oxidation mixture of corn fools, food packaging machines. U-making machine. Flexible plastic folding containers, color gift bag box. The end of the cement paste paper bag. Plastic barrel horse mouth or cover cans. Polyolefin plastic filler and so on. In the development of new products, Tieling cement bag plant imported from Germany in 1988 with 80 advanced production line of paper sticking to not only fill the gap, but also for export to open up a new way; open plastic raw iron plastic packaging products plant developed monographs barrel tinplate cans, not only won the national patent, and to fill the gap, aluminum cans Taijin two generations. Development of new products to the packaging industry Tieling brought vigor and vitality. Silver Star Iron sinica oxidized starch, modified starch plant developed kwu station agent, not only the production line for export carton, but I can package into a living paper bag production line, blue mouth completely replace the station agent imported from Germany; the products have been sold more than 20 provinces of carp business, access to better economic and social benefits. Excellence in product quality upgrade, the city has lO varieties are provincial, ministry,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], state the title of quality products, packaging products by the city of 18 products Prize excellent packaging. Packaging results in 10 years, the exhibition, the city has four products of gold and silver, one won an Outstanding Achievement Award. Tieling cement bag plant six varieties in the 1988 national competitions in the same industry are given the first one, leek first to be named National Building Materials Bureau for the two companies. In recent years, improvements in the packaging, the city completed a number of packages to improve project 9O, circulation. Warehousing transportation and sale of packaging and other fields of basic aspects of packaging has been poorly controlled. In recent years,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], reduce economic losses caused by improper packing 6.18 million yuan, not only improve the product competitiveness in the market, but also access to a larger economic and social benefits. ■ the lip packing a 1 Year 1I No. 2 / 21


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