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abercrombie en fitch Development of Shanghai

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Development of Shanghai

Won numerous provincial and municipal quality products, said I,. : With China's entry into WTO and the packaging and printing industry for: the establishment of an urban-oriented industries, packaging towards a high print: technology, variety, colorful, beautiful,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], artistic side! To the development. The printing ink industry in China to adapt to this! Trends, is placed in front of a printing ink manufacturing industry! Difficult task. The proposed management decision-making: strengthening! Modern quality management, optimize product structure, l actively introduce advanced technology and engineering and technical personnel, to speed up production equipment l update, establish product quality, excellent build a structure of cadres and good l technical team, and constantly enhance the quality of l, set for the packaging printing enterprises to develop the idea of ​​serving a full range of l. Packaging printing market to adapt to the changes occurring l. Shanghai Union Chemical Co., Ltd. in ink Si l recent years, the development of a breakthrough, the main experience of l is: I Xiao Tai Chen (a) strengthening the management and optimize the product structure, with the vigorous development of packaging and printing industry and diversified demand for packaging and printing products, as the production of printing ink business, its product development should meet the packaging and printing industry, and forward-thinking, high-quality,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], more variety, only in the ink industry developed under the premise that only bright future. Si Joint Chemical Co., Ltd. Shanghai ink to make the company aware of the great development in the fierce market competition in an invincible position, it should strengthen the modernization of management, optimize product structure, adhere to technical progress. The company has introduced international advanced level of technical equipment for more than 2000 million, such as: entire oil refining equipment, pigments, binders, ink quality testing instruments and equipment, apparatus and equipment of these technologies into production,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], so that the original structure of the company's products and technologies level of quality, variety of grades in a fundamental change. (B) to actively introduce advanced technology and engineering and technical staff leadership of the company know that, with advanced equipment and facilities, there must also be able to understand and use a number of advanced instruments and equipment,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], engineering and technical personnel. Companies from Germany, Japan, the introduction of engineering and technical experts printing ink, so that one can improve the company's product quality and grade, on the other hand can drive the company's scientific research and technology and engineering and technical staff level, so that the company formed a certain scale of scientific research and engineering groups, the company's product quality and grade also will be greatly improved. (C) establish the quality of products first, and strive for the packaging and printing business services in the fierce market competition, the Alliance Chemical Co., Ltd. Shanghai Si ink to adhere to the quality of products first develop the strategic objectives for the advantages, the use of new technology and equipment, so that the original company's high-end products and high quality products increased to 80% or more. Them from the company's original basis, the industrial technology that Si joint trial successful series of quick-drying light brand color offset printing ink of God,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Choi Ming Si series of joint licensing heatset web offset inks, with the international varieties of the same type of comparison. The company also seriously do a good job selling technology services company ink Department, the agency's function is to pre-sales technical service and after-sales technical services, pre-sales technical service is a company initiative to provide product knowledge to the printing companies, printing companies guide the selection of products best suited to their needs, and to master its use. Aftermarket Technology service is the company sold products such as substandard quality requirements or not the time, should take timely remedial measures, the product of technical support and provide technical support for printing. (d) strengthen basic management, and improve various rules and regulations of a good business need to establish and improve rules and regulations of the science, so there are laws to follow, there are children to follow. The management system is established, and the combination of personal responsibility and integrity, this organic connection, to improve the company's management is very important. If the safe operation of personal responsibility, management responsibility, personal responsibility and other laboratories. As the cadres and employees throughout the company can exercise self-discipline, so that the management system has been well implemented, a company-wide cadres of staff's conscious action. (e) develop the spirit of innovation, the creation of Today, the company is working to develop water-based printing ink, UV printing inks, flexographic inks, green printing inks. Actively the creation of lI ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... /


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