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franklin and marshall clothing Development of pack

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Development of packaging to protect the environment

Assessment of a product (or service) system during its entire life cycle of all investment and output on the environment and potential impact of the method. International Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC) life-cycle point of folding is defined as: The energy, raw material consumption and waste emissions to the identification and quantitative assessment of a product, process, or the burden on the environment and objective method = In recent years, industrial ecology has become popular internationally (IndnstfialEcology) theory that sustainable industrial strategies, minimize waste, improve material and energy recycling. Fourth, the development of green packaging and protect the environment. Should pay attention to the following questions: 1. Legislative protection, education first. China's leaders attach great importance to environmental protection work, made many directions. China is developing a variety of environmental regulations, our economic development and the fundamental guarantee to protect the environment. However, the regulations rely on people to perform. The world and China have proven: the ban on a piece of paper alone can not solve all environmental problems. High economic investment and environmental awareness can not be replaced. Only the protection of public environmental awareness to a new level by making people realize that: longer follow the level, recycling, treatment can achieve more with less, to the benefit of human society again. Environmental education should Xuan from childhood,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], should be listed in the primary and secondary school curriculum 382OOO Ⅷ 20No1CHINAPACKAGING2. clean production, to eliminate pollution in their side. Cleaner Production (CleanerProduction) that not only satisfy 』, their needs, and reasonable use of natural resources and energy, and protect the environment and practical production methods and measures: its essence is the least material and energy consumption』, class planning and management of production, waste reduction, recycling and sound, or eliminate the production process of research under the ILA, the enterprise is the basic unit of social and economic activities. enterprise will not only DU direct creator of wealth is the main use of natural resources and industrial pollution source: some produce too much pollution in the production process. to make environmental protection. we should seize the very first production. All enterprises should conscientiously in accordance with the requirements of environmental management system standard, and strive to achieve cleaner production. Deadline only to the end of June 1999, China has 35 enterprises passed the ISO14000 standard certification: they not only achieved the international environmental certification, and achieved the world's trade passes. 3. Clean consumption. Facts have proven that the more away from the production processes past, the more easily recycled. consumption dropped after the chaos. the most difficult to deal with = We advocate and encourage the protection of the premise of goods with a minimum of packaging, including the purchase of goods with minimal packaging. but now can not require consumers to provide the basket to go shopping, or are carrying a cloth bag to go shopping. the convenience of customers, and promote economic development,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], consumer trends, DU will be back will not be accepted. 4. seize the focus of environmental protection. State environmental protection departments should existing pollution problems on the domestic queue,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], in accordance with the severity of social harm, discharge of the order of priority treatment, DU will guide public opinion, focus on social forces to address the major and difficult. to prevent the eyebrows, beard grabbed 5.. the development of new technologies, new materials, new products, new technology and recycling both. 』China is both the national shortage of resources,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], can not prohibit the use of some existing packaging materials, the use of resources, should be implemented blossom, Eight Immortals, recount. the development of new technology, new materials, new products, new technology units should be the effort in improving function, and lower prices, relying on marketing, rather than relying on executive orders to promote 6. State enterprises engaged in environmental protection, preferential policies should be implemented. currently engaged in the recycling business enterprises, should respect and implement preferential taxation: in the recovery of enterprises should be recognized by the state department of environmental protection. on the use of recycled waste as raw material production enterprises, the state should also implement concessions. has been developed preferential policies should be implemented; was canceled preferential policies should be restored. 7. enterprises play a key role in environmental protection. guide enterprises in environmental protection research,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], development and production needs of the role of = through the market to mobilize the enterprise initiative, the recycling and environmental protection, economic development in the cause of the formation of a new growth point. so that the cause of the recovery operation and in accordance with the development of economic laws to make recycling and environmental protection are conducive to business, enabling countries, enabling 』, the people's cause. (in the '

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