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abercrombie günstig The development of packaging

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The development of packaging industry and prosperity of the socialist economy

Force, developed a variety of new bags lO to ensure the needs of the cement packaging. In recent years, after the glass with container transportation - traffic has reached 85 million weight cases, has saved 850,000 cubic meters of wood to reduce the 500 million heavy boxes of glass breakage. Again, with the improvement of living standards, China's closure has been considerable development of industrial materials in 1989 with an annual output of 340 tons of beverage needs of the market in recent years the development of the two cans, glass and other flexible packaging three categories of l0 several products, such as self-bags Tetra Pak packages Gabriel - PET bottles, so that our market closure unprecedented material prosperity. Four cents added value packaging to feud, the macro economic lift-off. 1. Packaging as a commodity, the body has the value and use value. On the one hand facilitate the transportation of goods from the protective role in achieving the use value of goods. The other hand, realize their own value. At present, China packaging industry to create the profits and taxes per year has reached 50 billion, is an important channel of state revenue. Dagger from the micro perspective, packaging products, direct impact on the effectiveness of the passage is not a good package to sell at good price. Preliminary statistics of light industry output value of the packaging industry output accounted for 10% - 20%, which accounted for 20% of the food value - 30%, accounting for 30% of a cosmetic 4o%,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], some products, such as beverages. It Gan 1 packaging costs to account for more than 70%, so - in order to achieve better economic efficiency, product packaging must not ignore this important factor. 2. Played by protecting the product packaging to reduce losses and increase the role of national wealth. Development of commodity economy,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the expansion of regional commodity exchange, so that users of products from manufacturer to reach the hands, to go through the loading and unloading, handling all aspects of store sales, but also by the shock and vibration, coupled with other factors, such as the outside world Ju, humidity, light, gas, dust, mold and other vaccine adverse conditions. Need for packaging with the objective of effective protection. Good products from the roar equipment can reduce damage, reduce product costs,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], increase economic efficiency. For example. Munitions storage of longer-term needs. Real need for transportation in harsh conditions, in recent years, they switch to new packaging equipment and materials used, only one ammunition, can detract from 830,000 yuan. In recent years, through improved packaging, the loss of goods has been reduced every year more than l0 million. 3. The expansion of commodity exchange space, the need to target the world market, packaging the product as an indirect exchange planing, for some the product profile as the leading body sinks to protect the role of products of goods, and create added value. Some products, packaged in a decisive role in the exchange profile, good packaging can greatly add value. Replaced by a big package of tea after the tea bag,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], net profit for the previous 6 times. In recent years. Improved packaging of primary products, value-added benefits have become increasingly prominent plane. China's exports of light industrial products, native products, and grain and oil exchange profile of agriculture have become increasingly demanding on the packaging. In addition. Packaging products are directly exported as a commodity exchange profile, only the statistical l3 feud joint enterprises, a total annual export of more than 5ooo profile Meeting million. 4. Good packaging products, is to attract visitors to fulfill the silent salesman, it briefly played the role of advertising and brand - to promote sales, can increase several times the price of goods. Over the past 10 years, China's packaging industry has made significant progress, for the prosperity of the socialist economy Du played an important role, but due to the original foundation is weak, still can not satisfy the socialist planned commodity economy needs, there are also regional development imbalance, the product structure and industrial structure, organizational structure anomaly. There too much emphasis on the sales package, not placed enough emphasis on the transport packaging; export packaging can not get grades, and few domestic products, excessive packaging; packaging products processing capacity greater than the supply capacity of raw materials, packaging machine maple not complete; not high degree of localization . Therefore, we need to strengthen the management of the packaging industry to seriously implement the to guarantee the effective supply of equipment to improve the quality of exporters hold, more foreign exchange and develop the packaging industry for the prosperity of DU will make new contributions to Marxism by F. ■ The unit is the production of reinforced composite Sacks for packing cement folder of special equipment, which is characterized by the weaving. Compound, printing, bag, shear and other processes in the machine at once, and with a starting wall, flanging, punching Wound, Sol and other auxiliary equipment, production efficiency lO ~ l5 bar / min. This achievement has been the national utility model patents, selling products, and won provincial titles. The plant is the Packaging Association, China Building Materials Association, was appointed by the production of packaging products. 24,1990 Ⅵ added. 4CHINAPACKAGING


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ed hardy suomessa Dozens of plastic beer bottle te

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