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do you think

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An Yixin comfort to nodded, again for a while, then take a look at the sky dark, the summer took Kim's hand the moment, no one went to the hills, out of cigarettes,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], to the point of a frugal summer, this low voice said:
????\Deputy Commander is willing to do this, a little later I transferred to teach you as a mentor to twenty Fourth Army commander, do you think? \Xia Jian Somewhat taken aback, puffed a few cigarette and sighed: \how much we pay and how much effort the lives of brothers? But all of a sudden say no no, I can not figure out ah!
????These days I have been simmering since, from an old teacher who left the main formation of second-line troops in Nanchang, just tested with the point of improvement to be scheming,from this point, I have endured, know you is not easy, to the overall situation, but my heart is not a taste ... ah ... not to mention promotion Jinxian first, though I care about them, but compared with the foundation we set is simply not worth mentioning.
????Boss, since you asked me today, and I ask you a question: to what you really have to endure when ah? ** Not let your mother to pull up the ranks, than everywhere controlled by others is good, we can no longer Ren Xiaqu the ... ... \On one arm around Hu Mu Yi Jian summer tears: \will not be such a thing, if we dare come back calculation, even if this one is Generalissimo, I want to be with his decorum!
????Believe me, I said to do, so many years, I have not made oath several times, as you know, today I made in front of you under the weight oath: never let my family, my brothers shed grievances tears, who dared to infringe our interests, will eye for eye, tooth for a tooth! \\Sixty-four chapters of the text on the next two beauties
????Novel Bus Update Time :2010-6-13 11:39:57 number of words in this chapter: 4871
????Yi returned to Cuipingshan under six bath home is half past ten p.m., seven of the gown for Wei Ni civilian clothes, wore a pair of slippers out of the main hall, to the slight chill of the big tree, toward the cozy tea whispers gossip and small nine three beautiful laugh, and took delivery Qian Gong to the hot tea, a delicious dinner drink, cooing. Doc learned to look, carrying a hand upward pace, it seems like to die like reciting a poem:
????\girl ah! hehe
????Qian Gong, who did not think hard day at this time there are pursuits of security to this set of Yi, suddenly smiling gorgeously dressed, left little crooked back nine to follow the right safety and security Yi Yi rarely seen over the years, so relaxing and fun, but also open laugh mind up, then take a look at the sky the moon wistfully, casually ask whether the sentence of a foreign country Chu children miss out?
????An Yi Yi Leng heard. Upward look to heaven, the moon, long sigh, came to sit beside Qian Gong, hey smile and look happy bee's Ye Zixin opposite: \, do not blow out a candle to. \\Yezi Xin Yi stood up behind him around to safety, lifted Fenquan to the Security Meng Yi hit a pass back shoulder, accidentally struck hard in the Anyi Jian Jian Gu, the pain cockroaches call, again broke out while everyone happy laughter.
????An Yi This time really laughed, shook his head and said do not call out the person was beaten, beatings was the first Jiaoteng,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], what troubled world ah? Anger Ye Zixin want violence, but for Han Zhu Ye Qing, her time is estimated to beers.
????After the noon dinner, Qian Gong and Zhao Rui trio,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], accompanied by Yin Jinan, visited the prefectural city is constantly expanding in Syria, on security and large landowners Yi Liu auction warlords defeated by a large number of family and other real estate, land, and terminal and raised funds to build the freight yard, \Yeh asked now curious how many people in the purchasing power of southern Sichuan, need to be transported to so many groups and Jiang Xi Shanghai Jiangnan production of goods, not afraid of the backlog of poor sales it?

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