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beard on the Ding Zhicheng assurance

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After reading the map than happy to find the brothers, beard thought turned around and asked: \Ding Zhicheng replied: \In thirteen kilometers north-east of Taicang county,and soon found the fault lies,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], about one thousand four hundred officers and men, it is estimated no fighting; two groups stationed in the east 8.5 km of land at home station, the group of about thousand eight hundred people, but has an armored train, I heard that is installed on two trains in Germany 15 caliber gun, a bit tricky; As prominent a surprise that even the Department of separate stations based in Kunshan, east 7.5 km to the south of the barracks Yishan Wong, along the edge of the lake are all puppet brothel wine shop, very busy. This is a long history, well equipped and very strong castle-style barracks, barracks-one ten feet high gate with stone lions, about eighty meters from the railway, condescending Yufeng guards the bridge east of the south to the railway bridge and the west wing heart of Yangcheng Lake south, say the camp guards Kunshan transport hub in the western north-south hub of things, I asked the guard company to me this place resolved ! \Several phase, as a beard, and finally enjoy the fun look to the safety and Yi, An Yi slightly nodded his head,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], softly asked: \\An Yi waved: \foolhardy to fight hard the company is not worth ah! \Ding Zhicheng face look red, embarrassed and said: \An Yi smiles: \\An Yi pointed to the back of the barracks on the map Yishan Wong, Ding Zhicheng quickly held out his head, his beard a few are listening attentively on the map V, An Yi such and such a low voice to explain their proposals in detail, and then raised his head and laughed:
????\out of it. However, I have a request, it is sure to wipe! \After listening to admire the endless brothers, beard on the Ding Zhicheng assurance: \Qu Mu Chen said confidently: \\An Yi looked at the table: \camps, three camps and six brothers and landing mission ready to meet anyone along the way are required to move with the control terminal after the block around the village, crossing terminal, we can only allowed out into the same time, the six groups to the two main landing Stealth camp four kilometers north, to the potential here, for their follow-on force to hold this piece must pass through, Taicang Lu direction of home and attack missions to six groups, led by Chief of Staff to the bar, and their four other camps arrived here within an hour, I arranged for them to leave by boat.
????Remember, absolutely can not let got a news to the north of the city of Kunshan, I authorize you to disobey military orders to any individuals and organizations that cheaper disposal! \\Brothers smile,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], security very seriously turned Guchang Feng Yi: \and you start with a battalion headed.
????\\\Even with the start. you rate the rest of a battalion of four companies to follow the action. \\Mu Chen Li Qu Jing a hurry to leave.

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