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But as long as they can continue to work hard, even ordinary people can achieve the level of apprenticeship, from specially prepared human agents, but also a trade.
????Fire in the fireplace inside the furnace to a very prosperous, dispelled all the moisture is clean,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], warm roasted inside the living room when it was heard outside, footsteps, Romon hear the sound went out, was surprised to find A woman wearing a cloak at the door.
????\\greenhouse, like into the garden and hope you will allow me to request such a venture. \Hey, can produce more beauty in this world?
????Romon some trance, they appear over a letter she sent.
????Since it is a letter addressed to him, naturally he can not see, readily open the envelope, reading down, only to find that this is the task of risk-takers single union, suddenly remember that the day had promised to do the exchange, see the letter of the inscription of time, is three days ago, Romon micro Weicu his brows, heavy snow may delay the arrival time.
????Over the pages of this idea only in mind, he smiled for the welcome like: \Yiwei Xi Chong Romon smiled, and then, with the Romon behind, walked into this hall.
????Romon hall built by this gold, is entirely in accordance with the concept of the earth, the long experiment tables, crowded glassware, and some alcohol lamp, scales, glass and so on.
????Yi Weixi swept around, swept in a temple structure itself, eyes suddenly turned sad and melancholy, but this look, instant, to eliminate, and she walked looked at, what questions to ask them ,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Romon did not hide the meaning, are all answered, of course, these problems do not involve too much too sensitive for the content of the core.
????Romon walked to the woman doing the introduction,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], at this moment, outside a sound of footsteps came again, looking back to the fleet is Fudi, followed up with a group of people.
????Romon smiled and said hello to them, these people are Romon hosts, help with the harvest herbs, because the growth of greenhouse herbs quickly, ushered in the winter, this group of mature, Romon a person power reap all of them want to finish, it takes too much energy. So, let the tenant in the affairs Romon Fudi, selected from several tenants in a very serious person, to come and help.
????Seeing these people has come, Romon not say anything, but directly with them, and Miss Yi Weixi who entered the basement of the greenhouse.
????Article text chapters visitors (below)
????Novel Bus Update Time :2010-8-31 16:06:53 number of words in this chapter: 5194
????In addition to fudi watch once, though is the territories of other tenants, but it is the first time to this place to, although I have heard that the magic of greenhouse Romon, Zhayi to see,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], or be shocked. In
????In-depth to the basement, the greenhouse, a layer of mud on the bed, lush growth of herbs, and set off each other outside the vast expanse of whiteness, it is showing the greenhouse and the Druid of the ordinary.
????Inspired by stone steps, cautiously walked to the inside, their faces, it is terrific.
????The lady with the last Yiwei Xi, when walking in the corridor, but also emerged out of a sad expression.
????\\Romon a greenhouse near the door means that a piece of mud on the bed of herbs: \\\Then, in the greenhouse for beginning to liven up, a busy scene, because these people are real farmers, in some collection, and not a novice, so, Romon with them, not simply with his own hands He just stood, responsible for teaching them how to better collect herbs, so as not to undermine the effectiveness of herbs into.

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