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\group transferred to a position north shore

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Early afternoon, I have greeted with Li Yan senior years, he would also like to mention the morale of a war,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], told me that as long as that dynamic division Block ordered him to go all out and we fought side by side, planning to attack time is fixed for tomorrow morning five fifty \Brothers and energy levels, to discuss a short beard and Yin Jinan low voice asked: \We feel that a comprehensive action attack, panic under the combined loss of command, from the chaos will be no war, Yichujikui \\a company of brothers, metal drums and firecrackers to bring out to the enemy positions before quietly about one kilometer, decentralized set up a few machine guns,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], put up metal barrel while shooting firecrackers while, it sounded like a machine gun positions in a very violent firing, with the north shore of gunfire and the sound of war, the south bank of the enemy soldiers could easily come to judge arrives, and you let the business model or the second battalion machine gun with Kangshang several mortars into at or near the H enemy positions, the estimates can Yang Shijun brigade and two regiments of weeks ago scared half to death, just toss half an hour to ensure they will rush to return fire destroyed half of the stocks of ammunition, \Brothers Fuzhang laugh coup Ko, An Yi to explain it again against the map system and assigning tasks, and then waved a large hand back the brothers eager to prepare, called Ding Zhicheng Shen Feng Road,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and follow the outside of their own, rushed to the rear fourth horse km anrenzhen the division
????Liu Zhi and Xu Tingyao horse lamp is detailed analysis of his troops deal with the war situation, the two have been seen only in the afternoon, Pai Chung-hsi's true intentions, tension I skip meals to hard to find the way out, just in case all calculations Response Plan, or break you really want to be a powerful enemy without relief, not only just added the Second Division will be at full risk of further disaster, then I am afraid that in addition to their official positions did not, and perhaps even lives together will take into
????Heard round under the telegraph Independent Chang
????Urgent military report it, buried around the long table discussion Xuting Yao, Chen Staff, T looked at each other, given that security is coming at this time in front of Yi changes, all straightened up to look, Liu Zhi
????Liu Zhi'd aroused, loudly told: \\An Yi into the salute to pay tribute: \misgivings about the face of strong enemy division, not to act rashly, so as to gain time for military departments and the general offensive for the survival of our department the opportunity to win this battle plan has been five years, Li Yan, head of the support group \\An Yi is no longer welcome, go the map and the operational plan to clean breast of their own, put it very succinctly, the action ministries assault unit within five minutes calculated to accuracy, heard the commanders that boosted school spirit, great joy
????An Yi finally said: \about two days for us to win time, one to two days, our military has the columns from the offensive, holding the face of strong enemy unless the determination of total disaster from the offensive to us, otherwise only the fast retreat of the road so one can go years, my teacher not only to avoid worrying battle,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but because of the surprise attack exploits set, at least for the preservation of their own strength to win the valuable opportunity \Xu Tingyao loud praise: \group transferred to a position north shore, just in case \Liu Zhi strive to restrain emotion, big hands shot in the shoulder safety Yi: \preparation, we then rushed to you on an independent regiment command post \\Five minutes later, get the security, Liu Zhi Shou Yu Yi and Ding Zhicheng Shen Feng Road, riding a horse to fly back to the front, to the Da Zhan Jia Citang command post, security departments under the command of Yi by phone to the combat readiness of the command, then with the other side of the five groups Li Yan Long pass ten minutes on the phone, the two quickly agreed their offensive line

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