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uggs nederland Fluorite Soviet Union and China nat

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Fluorite Soviet Union and China national standards and comparative analysis of national standards

. Table 3 grade CaF not Xiaoyu Sio2CaCo8 urgent profit a 97A97_ ● ___________ ● ______ A _f 97B one by one a 95A97 --- 95: 5c in Sr1. 2 --- 111,111,111 95B9513.02.00.2 a 92923.03.010.2 a 90903.54.50.2 a 85854.57.0i0.3BO Zhejiang Metallurgy ● Note. 14, - s5 grade fluorite concentrate, allowing only one in dealing with mercury and antimony deposit comprehensive fluorite fluorite deposit of tin is used when the specific requirements by the manufacturer and user consultation. 2.4 - 92 grade fluorite concentrate, allowing its content to 2.5 when Sio, CaCo ~ content can be increased to 4. O%. Re-election and the chemical composition of massive fluorite concentrate impurities in CaF2 grade of not less than Si0iSP not Prince Edward a 95A952.00.150.1 by the K from the K-95B952.50.150.1K a 92925.00.200.2K a 92925.00.200.2 ● K a 858510.00.300.3r a 85-8510.00.300.3 a 757520.00.300.3FM by the K-757520.00.300.3r a 757,520.00. 300.3 ± K-656530.00.300.3 a 65654r 65654r by the KM a 5555J for a one note; 4, KM A 65, F a 65, the trial of a 55 r grade fluorite concentrate impurities indicators prescribed by the manufacturers and user consultation. The flotation of fluorite concentrate 2.3 grade shall not exceed 1.0% of water, the other two fluorite concentrate moisture content is not provided for fluorite concentrate the grain size of 2.4 to comply with the provisions of F column: Hand Select massive fluorite concentrate, shall not exceed the maximum R-inch 30om; Chen a 65 by the KM, the remaining part of the grade is less than 5mm particles shall not exceed 1O, No. braid on trial KM65 fluorite concentrate ratio of less than 5mm No provision. Re-election of various grades of fluorite ore, grain Procellariiformes J = 50mm is not breaking off part of more than l0; one F-92, F 85 and F-55Z a kind of particle size less than 5mm grades shall not exceed 5, 75 and F-4 trial , F grade for a particle size less than 2mm,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], 65 shall not exceed 5; l, M 75 grade grain urinate less than one part is not provided 5ITIm. Fluorite flotation concentrate is greater than the particle size shall not exceed lO2.5 0.14mITI glass and enamel for the production of fluorite concentrate the iron content of no more than 0.2. 2.6 grade fluorite concentrate all shall not be visible impurities (coal, soil) pollution. Zhejiang Metallurgy 6l2.7K a 95 and a 95A license fluorite concentrate the total sulfur content in steel and ESR for special fluoride solution solvent,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], not more than O. 1.3. Fluorite concentrate 3.1 Acceptance rules for acceptance to be partial. * 3.2 fluorite concentrate quality report shall include: the name of the manufacturer or the manufacturer and its trademark names, product names and product brands' report card number and date of the test results I j I the date of shipment volume I batch. High-quality products according to national quality mark FOCT1.9-67 J 'of the standard marker symbols 4. 4.1 The test method sampling and by FOCT14180-80 implementation. 4.2 General principles and methods of chemical analysis of calcium,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], silicon, iron, sulfur and phosphorus content respectively FOCT7619.0-8l, FOCT7619.2-81, FOCT7619.3-81, FOCT7619.4 ~ 81, FOCT7619.6 -81, FOCT7619.7-81,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], FOCT4619.9-81 implementation. 4.3 Determination of water by FOeT7619.1-74 implementation. * 4.4 Determination of particle size by TOCT19724-74 implementation. 5. Packaging, transport and storage of fluorite flotation concentrate by 5.1 FOcT10935-82 equipped with a cover cars and special equipment required inside the container transport or rail transport. According to the manufacturer and user consultation, fluorite flotation concentrate can be used 5-6 layers by FOOT2226-75 BM paper packaging or by FOeT18225-72 with two layers of paper bags, with a covered car transport. Massive fluorite concentrate 5.2 available gondola transport. Fluorite concentrate 5.3 Transportation of railroad cars to be cleaned in advance. . 5.4 fluorite flotation concentrate to be stored in a covered warehouse.
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