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ugg boots deutschland WC particle preparation meth

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WC particle preparation methods and organizational structure

Off from the support membrane 3. The WC powder and low melting point metal powder,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], mix,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], model, Rao in the 900 ~ C to form the following blocks, cut into 0.2 ~ O. Cutting 3mm thick slices, grinding to 60 ~ 70gm. The disadvantage is too much trouble. 4. Directly to the carbonation of the sintered block is cut into 0.2 ~ 0.3ram Cut thick slices, grinding to 60 ~ 70m. This made the sample fragile. Li River as a few drops of the sample 502 before grinding plastic, after thousands of solid ground to the 60 ~ 70Vm, cut into, ~ 3mm's won film, the central layer of molybdenum in the network,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the solution to 502 gel. In this study, this method has successfully completed a high-voltage ion thinning of samples for microscopy. 5. The WC powder with conductive adhesive epoxy resin wax mix, made cylinder, water sanding paper after thousands of solid grinding, polishing, chemical etching, spraying with a scanning electron microscope of the experimental samples using this method, the effect is very good. (=) Walled electric inserts are the results of five discussion. 1000 with a high pressure electron microscope JEM and J 840 scanning electron microscope for a good WC system and analysis of samples were observed, initially obtained the following results: 1. Some WC particles inside a large core of the center of the particles over a contrast bath of the site. That its' organizational structure is different from the outside, as shown in Figure 1. Figure la is a high pressure observed in electron microscopy results, the core size of about O. 2 ~ O. 6/fro. Figure _lb was observed by scanning electron microscopy results, we can see there are more black core of small edges. I-2. Some WC particles look like a particle. Actually composed of many small particles inside shown in Figure 2. , 3. Some WC particles in the dog, you can see the creeping spiral-shaped structure, as shown in Figure 3a. 4. WC memory in some micro-cracks of large particles, almost throughout the WC particles, as shown in Figure 3b. 5. WC particles were observed in the wrong place and the core relationship between cyberspace (see Figure 4a). Shown in Figure 4a in the presence of several cases of dislocations: edge dislocations terminate at the parts of the heart, the heart through the edge parts, parts from the bottom of the heart Rang 6. Large particles in the WC can be observed within the 'Order of the wrong network (see Figure 4),[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the dislocation network by the Burgers vector b-bb. Three dislocations. b. = Coooi], b2 = i/3Eii2o], b3 = l / 3 [1l233, [0ooi]-I-1 / 3 [11203 -. . * 1 / 3 [11233. Figure 4b is observed in the handling of high-voltage microscope Vv-C particles within the dislocation network. Figure 4c is the principle of the formation of dislocation network in Figure 7. In the WC particles, due to dislocation accumulation in the grain boundary to form a small angle grain boundaries, grain boundary stacking faults exist, as shown in Figure 5a. 8. WC particles were observed in the expansion of dislocation junction, as shown in Figure 5b, c shows. g = Eioio], the displacement vector set R = l / 6 [Kennedy, the expansion spaces walled by four Burgers vector, respectively bl = CoooiJ, b = 113 [112o:},[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], llo [1l ~ 3:},: 11o [ii-23 ~ bit Pei composition. Particles trapped within the plant 1WC heart 8. High-voltage microscope view of Laos, b. Figure 2 Scan scanning electron microscope observation plating WC (ti, b for different samples) Gui 3 scanning electron microscope WC particles. Spiral structure Jb. Rifting red (c) of the Summary, 1. WC particles in high-voltage electron microscope with the organizational structure and emblem reef system used a fourth thrust is feasible; SEM sample preparation methods with a good fifth. l 'Figure 4 high-voltage electron microscope WC particles a. Kan | relationship between the dislocation, b. Asked the wrong ridicule-c (A) ・ small angle grain boundary-a (Bj. faults, b. expansion of dislocation junction, c. schematic. In the days to a few microns in diameter to tens of microns in WC particles. Shaggy Review to the core, or large grains composed of small grains, and in the diameter of <lm particle phenomenon is no more than 3.. in the larger WC particles, the existence of dislocations, dislocation networks, stacking faults, the bit wrong composition of small angle grain boundaries, micro-cracks. 4 Wc particles, such as to make detailed, it will help eliminate the stress of wc particles and micro-defects, which improved the performance of hard house payment is beneficial.. (19S8 Received January 4 ~) A Pu Li complex process of a lithium compound with high purity aluminum and Al Hill station i Recovering process improves product performance (resistance to corrosion and the use of performance), and the elimination of the Organisation of the process l pollution of surface discoloration and oxidation. It is the Kaiser Aluminum Company's patents. The first patent will be cured with a rolling bearing and mechanical junction units lining, then second to achieve metallurgical Results of melting and heating units. tactic process to produce aluminum Taijin as usual finishing as the ancient Li2 ~ 3 of the AI-U ~ Taiwan materials., Mst ~ rialsEng ~ ueering. 1987.100 (, 9 Stanford game more sensitive translation of Sun Whitehead
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