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uggs ireland Reversible valve development and desi

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Development and design of the reversible valve

No.: TH13852 \The reliability of the electric control valve for leakage to and will directly affect the system performance and productivity. This paper describes a reversible valve closing ceremony, its structure, principle and reliability of the design features are as follows: 2 reversible valve works Figure 1 Schematic structure of the reversible valve, this valve is designed reference to the closing ceremony electric control valve and the valve spindle structure and working principle, it is off the electromagnetic coil through the closed state, the reversible work to achieve the purpose valve. When the gas from the gas source to provide reversible PAGFH Figure 1 Schematic for the structure to the width of P as the outlet for the intake VIA 13r, 6 H for the mound to the right seals holes within electromagnetic coil box l Pilot House 2 wide body of garlic 3 4 sealed cushion ring 6 5 7 Right mound Piao plug screw the piston 8 9 10 wide body of the valve stem plug 12, including 11 small spring into the opening 13 so the nut under the body frame, the spring force and the gas in the dual role of j, the small piston the effective closure of the valve 121 under the frame, cutting off the source of P and A of the gas output; the other hand, the gas had passed through the right hole into the pilot valve G, and then by the right plug in the / l,-f1. Into the pilot valve body frame H, to promote the seal to the left, closed the left plug the holes, while the role of the electromagnetic coil, the gas inside the box by the core so the piston into the box, push the piston downward, under the box spring to overcome the pressure of the gas, open the next box Yan mouth, so that the effective P & A the same, the gas from the P to A to achieve a reliable output; the other hand, when the gas source to provide the gas from A into the wide mouth of the body frame, gas effect force on the piston and the projectile at a 28-2oo1-elliptical springs and still greater than the air force role of the small piston, consequently. Effectively shut down a small piston valve port under the box, cut off the source of A & P's gas output, while gas has also been left pilot holes into the body,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and then the left plug the / l,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych],-f1. Cutting the body into the pilot box H, the right campaign to promote the seals,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], closed within the right plug holes, while the role of the electromagnetic coil, the gas inside the box by the core to enter the big piston box, push the piston downward movement to overcome under the box spring, open the next box Yan mouth, so that A and P effectively the same, the gas from A to P to achieve a reliable output, in order to achieve a reversible air flow, to ensure that any state in the pneumatic system can work properly. 3 reversible valve design features (1) reversible valve gate logic of digital technology or the effective combination of theory and use of pneumatic valve, to achieve the reversible gas flow and the valve of the reversible work. (2) reversible valve uses special soft-touch seal design, the effective valve sealing performance guarantee, and no leakage to achieve the reliability of valve work. (3) reversible valve pilot valve body gaskets,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], high strength sealing materials, to ensure the valve of the air tightness and durability. 4 factors and solutions of the important factors in reversible valve is: Can a reliable seal commutation. To make a reliable seal for the need to ensure that seals the finish inside the box, and this process must guarantee. The test demonstrated that when the frame was used gasket extrusion processing, we can ensure that the seals inside the box finish, to achieve a reliable seal for the performance. 5 Conclusion reversible after changing the valve to the flash and use trial and error, has won customer acceptance, and its successful development and utilization, has also changed the valve one-way flow of natural gas use features. This optimization of other types of improved pneumatic valve, has a very wide range of reference value. References: 【1】 Xu wins, boat Shilv mechanical design hand-~ - [M1 Beijing: Mechanical Industry Press, 1992 Boat of the tube: Chen Zhi Gui, M, 1968, Guangdong set, college, help workers, Zhaoqing City Duanzhou Electromagnetic Deputy Minister Wen Factory. Research areas: development and design of pneumatic components.
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