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ugg botas Mine's attempts to prevent the slide and

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Mine's attempts to prevent the slide and clear the patio Technology

In certain shortcomings, we still need to continue to improve in practice. * 23 * then at Figure 1 Schematic diagram of Law held a one day drug well; 2 a mandrel; 3 umbrella of a guide; 4, a plug point; 5 a thin steel wire; 6 - Lever; 7 a seat. (2) Hang (Cave) Blasting vibration method. Hang (Cave) Blasting vibration method, suitable for plugging away on the situation in the middle of lOre less clear. The Law of the structure shown in Figure 2. Construction, within the first clear a small drift on the middle passage (1.2m high, 0.8m wide), until the side slip of mine. Digging in the drift at the end of a 0. 5 ~ 0.8 m deep pit of explosives (Underground) room, explosives placed in pits (Underground) room, should be closely filling. To prevent leakage, improve power, but also additional block in the drift walls,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the thickness should be over in 2 ~ 3m. Implementation must ensure that the firm stand (to ensure operator safety) and sealing and filling quality (increased blasting power) in order to clear access to safe a significant effect. 4 elevation slide blocked the mine accident prevention measures proven to prevent or eliminate the high slip plug mine accidents, we must implement the principle of prevention. Only we have a good technical barrier, the problem can be solved fundamentally. ● -----{ \ Ji l11L / / 2 was /. * Au} is less than a 2m ---- lOrI67 \ Figure 2 pit (cave) Schematic diagram of chamber blasting vibration method for a plug point 1; 2 - explosives; 3 of a stent; 4 a middle Lane; 5 - block wall. (1) strict height slip mine design. For high sliding patio should be designed to mine a more rigorous technical requirements. Shaft position to grasp the first choice, try to avoid the lot across from the rock vulnerable; guarantee deflection rate, tube diameter sizes meet the design requirements for the inspection of the contact well (Lane), the mining facilities, and have a reasonable standard. (2) strengthen field management. Strict construction management, protection tube 24 * Mine Excavation permit quality slide in full compliance with design requirements; strictly prohibited large deposits slipped down one mine; assurance into the ore in proportion with the amount of ore,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], ore reserve the mine slipped high degree of control in the 20 --40m range. Mine does not allow more than a continuous delay 8h, identify problems and timely treatment; high water content of the ore were not allowed to well, and to the fine ore into the ore control in the 30% proportional control; to ensure the safe operation of machinery vibration ore. (3) do a good job of mine to avoid water facilities. Construction of the wall slip mine mouth water drainage ditches and other facilities in the middle to prevent the open platform of the exchange currents were mine; timely diversion of water seepage or drainage shaft. (4) Select the appropriate section of the courtyard of blasting down the method. According to Purple Mountain gold mine fissure development, according to the traditional process of blasting down the wellbore segment prone to large block,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], we rock based on mineral properties, the size of the shaft down the length of the corresponding segment method used, as shown in Table 3. To prevent clogging chute descending part because of good results achieved. Table 3 Comparison of two 5 Conclusion descending part of the high slip Zijinshan Gold Mine patio system, different from the general ore mines slide patio system,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], which not only travel a long chute, well over a broad area, and by the underground mined area and the Surface Mining direct impact on operations, coupled with the nature of ore and rock characteristics, slip patio jams gave mine ore to produce a serious impact. Through continuous testing,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], practice and summary, the use of integrated technology, and finally to basically solve the elevation of the attempts to prevent the slide to clear the problem ore yard, this is mine evolving technology foundation for the mine provided for reference similar to the experience. References 1. Zijin Mining Group Company. Purple Mountain gold mine northwest section of the report detailed geological survey. 19962. Li Ding rights. Ping Cave chute open pit design and practice. 19813. Liang Jingtai. Flat tip in the Blue Cave chute Iron Mine. 1982 (Continued from page 39) radial stress superposition, fully broken ore. Differential between the opposite holes detonate, face the same row with 1 / 2 hole for the bottom of the hole initiation, initiation into full play the advantages of the bottom hole. Nearly 1 / 2 hole for the hole in the initiation, initiation kits to play up and down surrounded by powder explosive blasting power superimposed role in addressing the structural development of ore rock caused by detonation of gas premature ejaculation problems. 6 Conclusion (1) After adoption of the above improvements, solve the complex geological conditions of the ore rock, fan-shaped hole of the Peak District have suspended ridge top, vertical slot issue so large from the original 18% rate declined rapidly to 3 % to 5%; an explosives consumption by the 0.71kg / t, decreased by 0.47%; secondary crushing explosives consumption by the 0.28kg / t down to 0.075kg / t. (2) from the geological conditions of ore blasting energy and explore the use of stope blasting parameters and the western way of initiation of improvements, future production and operation of the mine, lower costs will have a positive effect.
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