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uggs ireland Database technology in human hair tes

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Database technology in human hair processing of test data

Single, press F6 key, enter the start and end unified tax ID number. Unified program modules based on the input number range, the printer can print directly on analysis. Analysis of the print format shown in Table 1. Table 1 of the report sent to different units of samples, has repeatedly run the program, you can print out the different sub-units, respectively, the analysis report. Printing is completed, the system went back to the main menu. 3.7 out of backup data to print the report, in the main menu, press the F7 key, the program module can be calculated and the input of the original test data to the master database, the results database (JG.DBF), may be the primary data in the database backup on disk,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], to prepare to find or long-term preservation. Table 1 The analysis is backed up to disk prior to the actual measured values. Data backup is completed, the system back to the main menu. 3.8 in the main menu to exit the system, the implementation of the program modules, people made of barium test data management system 4 exit to FoxBase systems, test and analysis of human hair, said data management system operation is completed. 4 System Features The system is in IBMPc / AT machine been completed, and requires the host memory to 640KB, support software for the CCDOS system suitable modifications, can also be run in FoxPro, support software for Windows. The system consists of six functional modules, each module has a separate function,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], either through the main control module and sub module constitute an organic management system, may also need to function independently in a ~ used in the use of the system menu prompts, human-computer dialogue, users can press the menu prompts to select the corresponding letter key, you can complete the required functions. The system is very convenient data input and modification of some laws and little change in the data, such as the analysis number, ID number, sample number, volume volume, dilution, etc., through regulations and technical processing after encoding, which automatically generated without having to enter one by one so greatly improved the speed of data entry, and in any case, input data can be corrected on the system menu prompts the use of man-machine dialogue, is very convenient to use. Even if the user is not familiar with the system language, it can quickly grasp. The system has been tested in our 4 Analysis Centre of barium human hair test analysis for data processing, after nearly two years running and continue to modify and improve the system, at present the system is running well. The system also has the expandability. In the design of the system, only consider the 6 elements (zinc, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese) in data processing, but because the system is modular in structure,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], each module has a relative independence, can be run separately , which is conducive to users to read and modify the program. Therefore,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the system has been replaced and modified the formula of the project or increase of the project, and the appropriate changes to procedures to handle other analytical data. l8 analytical instruments 1 2001 Reference Science and Technology Literature Press, Chongqing Branch, 19891 Zhoupei De. Multi-user relational database management system FcxB vessels. Chongqing Branch Received: 2 ∞ 0 a o | a 24 Wang Wei Jia, female, lecturer, BA,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], is principally engaged in the installation of teaching and research. A deleted ∞ ofdalalmsete】 India spit-mthem cricket by the ear ∞ ntof card data0f coffee hair. Wang Xi (FacuIzyofc moreover Eng / neer / ng (mB), which satirized the island, n, 4a ~ 5) Ahumanhair mouth by the datall Ⅲ systemhaeendevdopedbyusingFoxBase. \proces ~, ca】 andstorelargeiiunlberB0f painting Ilal duh data, andthes ~ twateisabletobe. aIIded, | la1yreportsareprinteddirectlyandthedataobtainedcanbeStOl '~ inthedatabaseI】 r0ndks. Intelligent two-component infrared gas analyzer body of research Hu Po (Linghai Chongqing Sichuan Instrument Factory September, 4OOO6O) introduce measures to boat two-component infrared analyzer intelligent working principle, structure and characteristics. 8098 microcontroller devices using the signal processing and control, through the keyboard settings or change the display, measurement, calibration, output and other parameters. Link
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