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ghd deutschland A laser probe ion source _2358

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Ion source for laser probe

Road with the shaped electrode (at ground potential), the plasma can be positive (negative) ion acceleration \ and leads to ionization zone, the ion mass fraction Cambodia sent off device. However, despite the color of incident laser beam was good, but the sample surface energy ion sputtering spread out dozens of electron volts is selected, the angle spread is inevitable. To improve ion utilization, it is necessary to set high-performance ion extraction system. Figure 2 shows the same type of device in the analysis of foreign plus improvements on the basis of an electronic computer-aided design (CAD) results after】. Ion acceleration process in the sample surface and the grid (grid opening the appropriate place, so that beams through) between the completion. By the cylindrical cable 1 (ground potential), 2 (potential variable), 3 (ground potential) ion extraction system composed of the energy dispersion can 3O electron volts, the angle ± 75 ions scattered into a scattered focus only ± 10 angular milliradians Cambodia cylindrical ion optical system store cAD 2 ion extraction system composed of one basking fruit (see J potato 3), l set of rooms in the ion source between the flange and the seat. Indole parts with tight power set by the non-magnetic stainless steel,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], ceramic and Teflon insulator material. ● Nang; capsule to take soil l ★ out of four bundles of reputation, the sample conditioner samples from the sample holder regulator l, adjusting mechanism 2 and 3, the locking mechanism 4, the guide mechanism 5, 7 and other components to avoid sliding (see Figure 4). Analysis of samples was placed in the sample stage 6, the sample frame (ground potential) and the sample stage (high potential) of the press to take insulation measures. The whole is mounted on the outer diameter of 175 mm on the flange 8, the Fu-Lan and the ion source vacuum chamber between the use of 0-ring seal; flange with four lateral adjustment knob 9. Three-dimensional movement, respectively, (X,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Y, z direction of the moving distance may Diego l5 mm) and the locking function using double Wilson seal l1 i realize its an empty shaft seal. Seal joints between the analytical instrument can be 93 years since the first one 12 low vacuum pumping in order to ensure sealing ring true 4 the amount of training samples of a five-ring structure laser probe Conclusion efficient ionization ion source,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and the laser energy density greater than l0ew/c111, the ionization of various elements to get deleted,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], o one, bow efficiency is not very different, is conducive to high-sensitivity quantitative analysis can be seen from the above, this device structure is not complicated. Power requirements are not high on this output pulse ion beam ion source, which facilitate the direct flight mass analyzer coupled with 【3]; also be used for double-focusing mass spectrometer and Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometer, a effective tool for surface analysis, Institute of Plasma Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences Development Center to help complete this great mechanical device,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], vacuum parts processing, grateful. ● BIBLIOGRAP lKemensky, Crlig, AnllIn ~ trum. 198,716 (1): 7】 2 Ligang Jiang. Internal data (1989) 3 Chen Lihua, Xiamen University, New York (1991) 901, a PA micro-current voltammetry Instrument Man Fa Tang Pei-scale Chen capsule i Hui Wang length method (Wuhan University Chemical mining, Wuhan, 4soo72), / Lin Kosuke (Fujian Ningde analytical instrument factory in Fuzhou, se2Loo) 9; bow. f bud this paper multi-function high sensitivity 90 ~ - PA analyzer. The instrument used for the shake-made electrometer tube current detection device, with a high degree of stability of zero-Ge. Minimum detectable current 0.1PA, drift ± 2mV/hr, scan range of ± 5V, possessed a number of half-order differential function, suitable for electric power Chemistry Overview of the micro-string. Cut off bamboo mat Fort grand ridge of Health Ji Shu / left foot is the number of electronic rubbish microelectrode developed since the early eighties an important electrochemical technique as electrode size small. Little by the current and the resulting small iR drop and high signal to noise ratio makes it ... in the microanalysis of biological monitoring of living, low-polar solvents and even quick scan of potential 【5 has unique advantages. Currently engaged in micro-electrodes used in research instruments. Most domestic and micro flow meter and signal generator constant potential voltammetry self-assembled, high-grade voltammetry. So far not been related to reports of micro-current voltammetry. Life Sciences focus of present research, on-site supervisor, then the body width of sensors, measuring devices, and visit the former times the amount of technology to be developed for each study. To meet the micro-electrode chemistry research needs. We developed a special account I Shu high sensitivity multi-purpose analyzer 901 a PA. A structure and design of the instrument 1. Structure of the instrument by the 901 points for a scanner PA analyzer, limiter, potentiostat, current and voltage (『/ V) converter half-integral and semi-differential circuitry and power components. Core part of the instrument I / V converter according to the agency to determine the instrument directly
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