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tory burch outlet Biodegradable green tags will be

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Biodegradable green tags will be available

Smartrac Dutch company is developing a RFID Passive RFID tags. New label is almost completely after use of biological degradation, in order to achieve environmental protection, called a green label. ManfredRietzler technical director of the company,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], said Smartrac currently working with two universities together research and development of this technology, and is working with the United States, Japan, material suppliers negotiations, expected that this label will be adopted in many new consumer applications in China Packaging 2009 / 7 use, including tickets and consumer packaging. According to reports, a new label with the current prices of non-degradable RFID tags is almost the same, the first green label products are expected in the market within a year. Graphical listing of the nutrition label quietly recently, a lot of food nutrition labels with the new changes, in addition to text, the more user-friendly graphical listed on the nutrition label has quietly. Mars Group as the new packaging Dove chocolate has used the new nutrition label, the label does not keep the state apparatus in the form prescribed form, and were marked graphically, look more clear, understandable, attractive. According to the Ministry of Health regulations, the food industry in the labeling of food nutrients, nutrition claims and nutrient function claims should be first marked energy and protein, fat, carbohydrates and sodium and other nutrients and the content of the core 4. It is reported that, according to Ministry of Health requested that next year in May, the domestic food and beverage companies will formally end the current nutrition label By then, consumers will be as concerned about as concerned about the production date of the nutrition label on food packaging. Concerned with the aseptic packaging of food safety concern about increasing awareness of food safety, food processing, one by one during the last part of food packaging, has increasingly been of concern. Industrial products production license management regulations, starting from September 1, packaged food with a paper bag, paper tableware and other products must be certified before Qs produce and sales. Depending on the quality of life such as food production and marketing enterprises,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], select advanced aseptic packaging equipment and aseptic packaging of high quality materials, ensure food security, their consensus. Aseptic packaging technology has experienced decades of rapid development. The R & D institutions and industry equipment, materials related to the production enterprises in increasing the level of food safety, it is also actively seeking to who recognized the development of aseptic packaging industry is facing unprecedented opportunities and challenges. Enhanced security to restrict the export of food packaging safety attention recently unveiled a number of foreign technical regulations and measures to strengthen security on the import restrictions on food packaging: France announced that since January 1, 2010 onwards, will prohibit the use of non-biodegradable plastic food packaging materials, agricultural products; the United States recently passed ((Food Safety Enhancement Act of 2009, requires the Food and Drug Administration in December 31, 2009 before the risk assessment of bisphenol A, the state will phase out the food and beverage containers containing the substance. remind the food inspection and quarantine of export enterprises,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], strengthen and improve the quality and safety of export food packaging measures: First, countries should pay close attention, food packaging regulations, its implementation time, such as the specific content and in-depth coverage understanding and interpretation, combined with their own situation to develop appropriate responses; second is to strengthen environmental awareness, to ensure that from raw materials purchase, the whole process of manufacturing the importing country comply with environmental requirements; The third is to increase scientific and technological input, and actively improve the production process and production methods,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], environmental protection ideas into packaging material selection, manufacturing and even the use, recycling and so the whole process, developing non-toxic, harmless and environment-friendly biodegradable food packaging materials, to accelerate the pace of upgrading the food packaging industry; Fourth to actively explore new markets, diversification of trade partners. ISO/TC130 the 23rd annual international printing standard held in Beijing by the National Standardization Management Committee (SAC) and the General Administration of Press and Publication (GAPP) approved by the National Standardization Technical Committee on Printing (SAC/TCl70) protect the contractor's ISO/TC130 23rd Annual Meeting of the International Standardization print September 21, 2009 successfully held in Beijing Landmark Towers. This is the first time ISO/TC130 meetings held in China for a period of 6 days. More than eighty of printing from a dozen countries,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], standardization of experts and scholars will gather in Beijing to participate in


ed hardy danmark Red plastic plate and shell struc

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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