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gorras ed hardy Honeycomb paper-based biodegradabl

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Honeycomb paper-based biodegradable molded sheet production in Tianjin

One important indicator of good and bad products. Thus development and production of environmentally friendly packaging materials has become the pursuit of new packaging. Tianjin New Technology Development Co., Ltd test package is in line with the historical trend. Started in 1999 to develop a new environmental protection materials for a paper-based biodegradable molded honeycomb plate. The products are paper packaging waste as the main raw material, supplemented by non-toxic,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], water-based adhesives dismay of formaldehyde. The molded honeycomb plate. Its characteristics are as follows: 1. Wide range of sources of raw materials of the product. Turning waste into treasure. Use of renewable resources in line with national industrial policy,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and the product can be 100% recycled and low cost. Cheap. 2. Production water recycling. No harmful emissions. Comply with environmental requirements. 3. Strong bonding adhesive used, no aldehydes, pollution-free adhesive. With a moisture-proof, waterproof, fire-retardant properties. In line with national standards. 4. Suppression of cellular sheet mold. Novel structure. Concept unique. Stripping convenience. 5. The product is the cellular structure. Light weight, high strength, coated sheet surface can also be a variety of paint,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], putty, paint and other coatings. Liu Xiaomei Li produced more goods to the appearance of smooth and beautiful. 6. By the continuous production of the product line can be any cut sheet of different sizes for different product requirements. Well known. China's forest resources are in short supply. Available wood far failed to meet market demand, especially in recent years. In order to reduce natural disasters,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the state pay more attention to soil and water conservation, closed forest. To some extent limit the logging of natural forests. Wood supply makes more nervous. On the one hand is the shortage of resources. On the other hand is strong market demand. It is understood. China's annual volume of timber imports to grow at a rate of 23%, with the steady modernization of our country's development. This situation will continue. Home improvement aside large amount of wood and paper industry does not say. Only used for transport packaging tray as an example. According to incomplete statistics. Currently in storage tray for the 80 million circulation. One port is 20 million in circulation. With the rapid development of China's national economy. Means of modern logistics will be more widely used. Therefore, the use of the tray will substantially increase. By the production of a pallet load of about one ton of 0.05 cubic meters of wood calculations. Each year more than 400 million cubic meters of material required. This is a cattle spread of insect pests and diseases. United States, Europe and other countries are required on the export of wood packaging fumigation terminator treatment. Otherwise, the goods will be prohibited from entry or removal of destruction of wooden packaging. This. State authorities issued the Requirements of the domestic packaging materials, research institutes, manufacturing enterprises to accelerate the development of wood packaging alternatives and trial. Reduce packaging costs. Improve the quality and grade of transport packaging. So. And wood materials developed using resources not only to solve short-term problems, but also the development of good economic situation. Tianjin New Technology Development Co.,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Ltd. measuring package developed paper-based biodegradable molded honeycomb panel is a new generation of wood materials. The material not only can replace wooden pallets. Can also be used motorcycles, glass and other heavy packaging. Market prospect is very broad. The successful development of the project on behalf of wood materials not only for our research and development adds a new color varieties. Also part of the mitigation of natural timber supply and demand tight. In the development process. The company has applied for a China National Packaging Corporation Organization ministerial scientific and technological achievements appraisal. Present. Tianjin New Technology Development Co., Ltd test package has been put into operation a production line. Start small batch of the product, large-scale industrial production for the next step basis. SCIENCE & TECH China Packaging 2003 / 6 porridge


[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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