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puma speed cats The old drill of children to day _

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The old drill of children to day

<td class=\He tidy up after them. Days have been light out, he stood up, slipping the throat and shouted: \Moment, four hoes and vegetables Sicko Wazi used, hope the old drill a go study. Drill down to the old child and living from the dry ground, he turned the soil a bit, played a little bit JINWOZI, Cook seedlings planted good. Taipa in again to pick a few dung manure pick. It was planted to vegetables poured again, the barrel of a place, a horizontal pole to angle in the land, from the air to break. At this time, he was a bit sleepy range, the upper eyelid and lower eyelid a fight, he fought for a nap, unconsciously start to dream that he dreamed of a river ... ... it is mixed with black, turbid monstrous, immense . The river has no fish, no boats, not see what the chaos arch. Step by step he walked with difficulty in the river, called prodigal son, he shook a few times, panic. But he reluctantly, and firmly take it down, how have come to the stage edge. He walked away, I do not know how long to go, then, the horizon showing a glimmer of light, he ran off, the light got brighter. Blanchir through the end of the river has become, not so dark, and if there are fish in the jump. Can also be seen on the river where the little white sail flowing, the river was also where the laundry, while he was happy. While rushing up toward the shore, then I do not know how they ran out of a monster, the claw to hit him ... ... The result is a caterpillar fell from his face, a slap to go to the acrid mouth of a stuffed and astringent with a point, he spit a couple of Baba. Dousou the spirit to stand up, pick up on the first line came out from the earth.
� � Yuanba came home, he looked at his homework he went up four Wazi two drill plow knock down children playing: \listening, I do not hammer you dead. \Four baby looked up and saw an angry King Kong, had no choice but to do it first planted. Then I happened to pass by. I said: \children, does not require strict that there is any way out yo. no matter what school do not pay ten times the effort than others do it? he does not necessarily have to learn farming seriously. Now does not take so many people in rural areas and are staying at home , where there are so many places to plant, \Old drilling children to pose for him to move now, careful advice ask him to write, to correct posture, reading Yiziyizi potential to bite, children and old took his drill work, little by little circles meticulous. Old children's words are written well drilling, the New Year to put a stall to write pair, Zhengdian little money. Sometimes he generally made themselves well prepared. To many people, he often proud of his sentence and what: students holidays over the New Year, Chijiu meat to eat peanuts. Streamer is: let's this way before. One-third of an acre of paddy land, they go home a joy. Streamer is: men and women weave farming. Central farmer plowing water, money for laundry small brook. Streamer is: a small farm scene. Moon drunk Huayin breeze, farm fence early spring. Streamer is: Spring Summer competition wins. And so on. He does not attach importance to today's students look down on calligraphy. Back to the old village well drilling children for many years, the village is known of his great learning. To get him to teach children the old drill of course happy that he was very serious and teach well, in recognition of the village several times, students like him. Later, in addition to the comeback he was repaying the teachers, when he stood on a hill looking at the joyful students bouncing around to leave, suddenly sour heart, eyes wet, so that he can not tell the taste long time could not move a step. Students often come to visit, he always told students to go the right way, to go the right way.
� � time I thought Tiaozi to come by, ready to pick one, twenty briquettes New Year. Tiaozi share his home collapsed, said we should pick; him a stride come take my hand, grab rebuffed: \a map a good mood. so, I can help you how to weave one. \Michaelis said,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], carrying their knives out. While, a few bamboo to cut back, not to the point a good two hours to weave. This drill is a Gudaorechang old man. I am very sorry, and hurried thanks and walked away. While fetched a group of Kei sweet potato: \
� � when his wife had mended the shoes in the street, he asked to take over a good, a bit repetitious Shen him to read it again, his face a smile with the point, his wife to went to the kitchen to go get dinner.
� � dined, he took the ax to a tree about playing with them ge baskets, he arrived in this tree ge baskets in a corner stone, by it, and to use the saw to cut it, then recruited ink line drawing for a while on the move hands, he ax an ax to cut; that the hard tree which, he charges a lot of power, get only the shape of a plow, not satisfied, he rested Xie Qi, drink a cup of tea and re-sent for contempt knife cut off a little hard to the tree, that the tree exposed flute angle. Later, while pushing the push plate and got straight playing the arbitrage finally went to great lengths to get it smooth out the whole; He felt happy, and got a rope to pull a good set of cattle to the fields, plowed up. How lose control of the thing,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], swinging, and to get Chuyishenhan. No, no, he was to get on the ridge. Water washed aside, he sat there while a closer look and found that arc is not enough, this lack of tension Ploughshares, and he picked up a knife dressing up and smear ... ...
� � now the most urgent is the second son marriage, to say this is the most troublesome thing. You say it under the dowry, then get it out more, not less decent, it makes one look down. Seventy-eight days ago, my wife said: \times, turned the wisdom for years to get access slot. \The old drill a sling children back. Folded money in the clothing hides deep inside to Pidianpidian on the street, turn in the pig market for several laps,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but also did not see the right, back to back to see the man, save the two piglets Zaier. Also good to bargain over the pages came forward to carry out the last bought two piglets children. Do not know how accidentally went back to relatives at home. Said that discussion saliva to drink, give relatives swing the Longmen Zhen. Behind that is a bit urgent, I do not know how to forget. Back home, my wife asked: \, you must be your relatives go there and be proud,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], \We feed, not the same. the next one and then it wants to buy two \Separated a few days, the second son came back and said: \Old child finally calm down drill.
� � A few days later, he did not know where to tinker with a broken sewing machine. Use shall not,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], while he put it apart to repair. Or not, the last in a scrap yards to find some accessories to make things right, and then find a place in the point of repair motorcycles oil Shang Hao, he back to the relatives of the house, saying that someone called him to the street repair, come here to rest the foot, being put here for a moment. His relatives to use the foot a bit, turn pretty good. Jin Min slightly upturned mouth a bit, the old drill children to excuse away. Every second child a few days to find clothes to fill the streets. A long while, the second stretching back to get clothes and shook the meeting. Said: \The old drill children live only in the side of the sound. He wanted to repair his second son to a house in this neighborhood, he would repair to the streets to Cou Cou Naore. I think he came so much money that, say, the past few years to work, not so much money thing. To see how he struggles, I do not care. Children that day drill to find the old second son, said: \If their home for a little less, so that we will deal with some. I think that his family has a few trees behind the house we made it get it, you build a house for Ye Hao, \They know, know not to blow. We went late at night, less than two hours to get registration. \Said the night saw major changes to borrow, to the relatives room, and do first the dog twice to see the room did not ring. It will be well wrapped at both ends of the saw and then irrigated wet cloth to a saw a steady pull toward one direction, that sounds very small, some with two or three hours, all ready to engage, and then one a turn, turn From behind the house; to the home will be next day, the bark was stripped and the original Shugan stacked together. Relatives to go the next day and said: \, placed there not even use, it wants us to play. You do not need to spend money, and now from simple things the best, do not be too obvious, you say no, as long as the two young men are lucky to get along. \
� � university entrance exam this year, the third son is also very distracting thing. Test into booing, working out on my own have nothing to say. If the test is up, and where to find the money thing for him. Only vapid old bones, but also make his tuition paid in full, but this thing was to tell him clearly that if a holiday to his RBI workers, better not think that every year anyway, he came back, then how much money He thought is indeed a lot of trouble. The thought of this, his face has not started too sad.
� � when his daughter back, unhappy face. Old drilling children asked: \He hit green. I have brought back the wanderers. \The old drill children, said: \. This is where the old drill huff. One came from a distance, walking slowly. Was carrying something, a wine and cigarettes. Nigh turned out to be his son. \Then the big brown dog came home, the old children took the opportunity to drill opened curse: \Wazi steal over, you do not license, ran down here to stop leggings in hand, and do not get out and see different hoes dug I die you. \Said that is one foot, while barking dog barking and ran away. This hands-law came over for help quickly, the old hand-drilled children of a block: \Then his little grandson to eat sweet potato fruit. The old drill also snappily: \Diamond said the old self-serving children into the house. Angrily sat down to eat, no one was completely ignored. His son up out of a bottle of wine: \The old drilling child is a black face: \Drinking gulps of the old drill their own children Laobaigan, a short while to bloodshot eyes, and finally tells his life are reluctant to mention to others the painful past:
� � few decades ago, father and mother raised him to put up with hardships, and taken to the University. He became a lucky. At that time, he really suave romantic, cute boy. There is also a Dragon in their own world, overlooking the Articles of the feeling that he is studying mathematics and English has been the heart of a university student, his future is bright. He has repeatedly in the letter to the father and mother about their own learning and life situation. Letter to his parents several times and asked him to pay attention to the body, more study hard, ready to contribute to our country. And also sent a lot of food and supplements. He is his parents all the hope and pride. However, once he went out to play. Saw someone playing cards, he also enthusiastically participated in the inside. Great interest to play away. People account for his amazing card! He is also very proud of. Once, a classmate invited him home to play. He was joined in playing mahjong inside. Slowly increasing his interest, time, or may point color, a bit of money. Some students go out to play on offer, the size of a restaurant feasting on God together. No matter that he has something to play with, one to two opinions on the addiction. With his study of mathematics, such cards is really a piece of cake. More and more proud of him, but the homework was pulled down, but still passable. Sometimes a play where three of four hiding, is a sixth grade. And learn a variety of licensing technology. Sometimes the whole was mixed dark, the muddy dizziness brain, he does not care. Sometimes interested in, and also play a community. Then somehow he was all useless mathematics. Lose much less, he do not know much, only blame their luck NAO. To sell off their things, to gamble on them. Unable to extricate themselves, even worse than the last; every time worse. Do not understand how heart and unwilling to gamble where they had to turn him over capacity. All day long are disgraced. Someone told him that he totally did not listen. Over time, the school anything too do not know, it is also terrible, tough outer immediate penalty, open enrollment and returned to the country of origin. Time for it exists, is very strict. Him a nose, a tear with it. He had proclaimed finishes chaos all over the world. The world that has his place to go, eyes are dark. He thought of death, watching river. Walking around with endless regret. Also no reply to him. His former lover gave him a little travel, is not enough, he had to beg all the way back home. His father and mother screaming in pain with anger, despair, terminal one, and soon went. He also want to live, dove into the pond, was rescued. He was in the house, who spent two or three months Meilian Jian. In order not to gambling, angrily, holding a knife to cut off his own life and life a finger. At that time, fainted. When he woke up and saw a pair of bright eyes the girl in flash. He saw a glimmer of hope for students. She is now the body. Now his son is crying. Children came to a halt when the old drill, said: \
� � when his wife fetched a basin of hot water, the old drill children washing the face, poured water in the tub, the washing foot fell into a heavy sleep.


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