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MBT Shoes Cheap Gone with the Wind _4643

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Gone with the Wind

 
  Qihuo monumental works by the body.
  Historical writing is Sima Qian Sima Qian, pens, unable to stop intoxicated when Italian Chang, suddenly two years occurred Li Ling Han Emperor Wu-day battle with the Huns down matter of the enemy. When the news reached the court, in front of raging civil and military Manchao emperor, all of Li Ling added insult to injury, he should not be blamed, consistent advocate Zhongcheng exclusive. Qian, to a reader's straightforward, when the Emperor asked his opinion , actually Kankan to speak for Li Ling. who said he usually has the wind country, this was unfortunate, we say bad things about him, honesty can be painful. He thousand Buzu, when the Huns eighty thousand cavalry of the public, with performance scores of day fought thousands of miles, rise of food and drink, reinforcements not to, only forced to surrender, may be waiting for an opportunity to serve the court. I did not realize those words violated the days of Yan, and made a negative attack main battle will be Li Guangli taboo. Liguang Li Bing than with Li Ling and more, no brilliant record, as compared with anti-Li Ling valor. Liguang Li is the Emperor's pet will be - love Mrs Lee and Hsing Li Yan Ji-year younger brother, Emperor Li Guangli reuse is selfish, and guilty of selfish people who hate to point to wounds, but had a good word to Sima Qian said Li Ling, Li Guangli responsibility to dark, point to the Emperor's self-interest, then under the Jamsil Sima Qian, a fine of Fuxing. Han people tortured by the families of the original sin of money, but why Sima Qian home poor, and relatives who saw him committing days Yan, also afraid to speak out to help, the results had to let him endure the shame of torture. He alleys drag on down, is nothing more than to hand the unfinished masterpiece, after his release, lost by continuing to write down. Sima Qian this solitary feelings of anger, the sense of history so that future generations never done an injustice for him. But his personal sacrifice is a price,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], his one hundred and thirty of Tai Shi Gong books, Jin after the masterpiece known as the Records of the Historian, will handed down forever and become immortal in the world recorded human history treasures.
  so-called peace in the world of the Han Dynasty St., Sima Qian's life is not peaceful, and perhaps should not be done historian Sima Qian, historian of integrity not to honest with His profound cultural character in front of the Emperor Wu of flattery, sweet talk of dynasty, Sima Qian did not get as Emperor Wu Pang love you, not liable to suffer head could not bear the castration, perhaps,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], as Sima Qian with his dignity in exchange for a lawsuit bit of red wine and green flowers in exchange for life in exchange for a generation of courtiers, but outside of Sima Qian high aspirations, rather than Zhaoguan, he would \Into one of the words, \>  
  transfer books after the death of praise
  BES Sima Qian was already forty years old when the abuse, Records of the Historian is completed at a later six or seven years, when he was appointed Zhongshu Ling's office. Han Dynasty Witchcraft sign and the first year prison Xing, Qian Ren Shaoqing written report (either A) the book, he completed this book has dealt with \fifteen, six. He write into two, a possession of the mountains, a place the capital, has not been circulated publicly, just want to be successor in private. Soon he died, Emperor Wu also died. wait until ten years later, Xuan Dili,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the grandson of Sima Qian Yang Yun, and only then spread open his great work. Qian without children, only one daughter to marry Yang Chang and open when in Rencheng Xiang Zhao Di, was very talented to open sub-Yun Yang, Records by leaving him by the then spread Shihlin attention. Wang Mang was only when the Sima family heir called \Ancient later the house has been passed down to follow. Liu Xiang, Yang Xiong like his article: \. \a man named Bacon would say, go its own way, he can not forgive!
 
  several hundred years later, the name Sima Qian golden shining immortal history of China.
  (4) Qingzhao
  Qingzhao, generation of teen idol, graceful and sad.
  two thousand years of feudal society, Bing unrivaled talent, and in the literature of female stars to shine in , actually only one zhao! Wenji grief poem only as a faint fluorescence, anonymous, \Pearl Harbour but not goodbye annihilation, ancient lady Singing Sorrowful autumn resentment led to the apartment in culture,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], such as a broken loose beads have been buried seabed and can not Good-bye, in the overwhelmingly male-dominant ideology of feudal society, come forward actually there is only one zhao!
  Northern Song Dynasty, peace and prosperity, and birth Qingzhao Windsor Arch, the day is bound to be happy, drunken words off, so enthusiastically into the plan as lotus, forget return, and the beloved Yin Fu poetry with her husband, stirring laughter in the lotus, how romantic life with poetic. So this time, she is the \
  disintegration of the Northern Song Dynasty, Li Qingzhao as a patriotic President, and his father is a generation courtier, had to back the happiness of his former boxing displaced, temporary south, past romantic life, romantic love, happy family wiped out, breaking the sorrows and the Nazi in the hurried retreat, a Sorrow.
  \I am also certain is the outstanding personality as role models to become outstanding personality as the person where the meaning of life; or, rather, they seek not only to join the cause in their own field of all-powerful, successful career tree, more importantly, in their own spiritual home, the whims and is, the situation straight path, make their own strong. It is in this sense, they are outstanding personality, contributions to society, more worthy of his outstanding personality.
  ancient Heroine, the only clear photo!
  vicissitudes of the age, make that Lady bow down, and perhaps create Qingzhao romantic and gloomy history of the Girls Hero.
  (5) Lu Xun
  solitary, the thin body, thick white mist of the pipe in his mouth, his hand immortal pen, dagger thrusts in front of the age of sleeping, sleeping, and this is Mr. Lu Xun.
  Lu Xun life for the national cry, cry for the country, but by the people of Lu Xun's first marginalized, impoverished life, and his wandering, uncertain dust. In order to revitalize the nation, and he from medicine, what a noble generation of national .
  Surpassing the narrow nationalism. The more the weak and the weak people, more like enemies everywhere, blood boiling like shouting slogans. Xun Although germinal often hostile, but did not have on other countries and incite racial hostility. He understood, weak in his body, sick in his body, hate useless people. He also understand that the most vulnerable to nationalist sentiment by people with a different kind of hard use, students harm. from medicine is the witness.
 
  In this era, the country is not broken home countries do not mountains and rivers, is a residue of feudal rulers, as the imperialists in China Zhao Ting. some so-called beds many people of insight, like mingled with a dog tail uncomfortable alive. and Mr. Lu Xun different, pick up the knife piercing the diagram and construction of powers. He did not want people in China, people eat there, people do not want a loss, he is full of hope for the future, he convinced that the country's future will not be Zhaohuaxishi, but independent, democratic and prosperous power.
  literature and from his said so many articles encouraging people are the future and destiny for the country and the nation future. He was a very strong attack force intimidating words, his profound analysis of ink to the situation at the time was one-third of wood, he'd take the good and ugly display to the public, and then stirred national awakening .
  Hengmeilengdui thousands of Lu Xun is a Teacher, a willing ox bow who lives for the revolution and dedication from his dying day.
 
  beauty will appear in troubled times , and chaos is not chaos began by beauty.



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