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Oakley Briller Development of eco- industry and mo

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Development of eco-industry and motivation of knowledge workers

Confidences and the corner to give advice, and timely release of corporate goals, such as implementation, business conditions, development prospects and tasks of knowledge workers stage, labor discipline, wages and benefits policies and other comprehensive information to enable knowledge workers to keep abreast with his l'fl ~-IJ various issues relating to benefits; the other hand, in a democratic way of life, views of knowledge communication among employees. 4. Provide a work environment conducive to innovation. Work to create meaningful work in the knowledge workers should be considered in the design of personal choice and characteristics, to create meaningful work, to enhance knowledge of the work itself is challenging employee satisfaction and job satisfaction. Accordingly,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], work planning, work duties, responsibilities of business processes need to be adjusted, change the definition of the center for knowledge workers, including job enrichment,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], job enlargement of job redesign, flexible working hours provide and flexible work locations, making them more efficient organization of work and leisure time so as to achieve rational allocation of resources to meet their autonomy, independence requirements. First, the practice could be considered to further explore their potential through the rotation, and positions to achieve the best configuration; the second is the work by adding new content, so that knowledge workers are interested in the work, thus stimulating their inherent intelligence to solve the problem. 5. Offer competitive salary incentive pay system is the essence of corporate contributions to a compensation of employees. Enterprises in the development of pay incentive policy should reflect the pay levels should reflect the value of individual jobs, work ability, job performance factors such as paid, to achieve Therefore, pay to develop the knowledge to fully consider the various contributions to staff of the enterprise, which consists of two parts: knowledge workers to jobs in which the value of the enterprise itself and the knowledge workers of the positions for companies to create value. With the new development of the situation, the proposed business idea to implement the following three ways: First, incentive stock options law. Stock options are the most widely used at home and abroad as a forward-looking incentives only when the company increased the market value of the time, people can only enjoy the benefits of stock options, stock options to employees aware of their direct impact on performance The value of the stock, thus directly linked with their own interests. For some growth is good, there is room to improve management efficiency of enterprises, are in a better implementation of the stock options tilted to the knowledge workers, so that knowledge workers the right to take possession of certain residual elements and residual control, so that the consequences of their actions responsible for, to enjoy the results of their work, which will play a great incentive. Second, honor excitation. Incentives and material incentives in accordance with the spirit of combining the principle of establishing a business title and the corresponding characteristics of the reward system, regulate a variety of titles, benefits and incentives in the form. Clearly the range of recognition awards honor, standards,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], forms and procedures and use of internal and external forms of propaganda, and fully display the spirit of honor values, enhance the knowledge of the status of employees in the enterprise, increase the honor of incentives, encouraging play of honor in recognition of incentives, extensive and persistent role of knowledge workers develop a sense of achievement, pride, sense of belonging. Third, the rich pay excitation. Knowledge workers is the object of contention with industry competitors, the enterprise should be eclectic, as knowledge workers with generous pay. Here, knowledge workers should not only pay more than the company's general staff is high and the job market should not be less than the level of the post. It should be noted, gender,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], work experience in different degree of incentive for the existence of differences in value. Therefore, the same incentives for different individuals, are not the same incentive effects. Even with a knowledge worker, at different times or the environment, will have different needs. The survey found that such men are often given for challenging work incentive effects to better than women, an employee of the same in 5 ~ l0 years of work, knowledge workers, often provide opportunities for personal development, better than, other knowledge workers. Another example is more emphasis on employee ownership of the young and innovative working environment,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], more emphasis on middle-aged employees work-life balance and career development opportunities for older workers is more emphasis on job stability. This shows that the incentives depends on the inner feelings of the knowledge workers, which requires companies in the design of incentive mechanisms must take into account the characteristics of enterprises and employees of individual differences, so as to receive maximum incentive effect, and can be better management of knowledge workers to realize their value, and improving technology, JIli ~. 1J promote the eco-industrial development. China Packaging 2006/345


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