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alexa mulberry taske Development of green packagin

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Development of green packaging green barriers should

Has been restricted or even banned are still large quantities of packaging materials production and use, resulting in merchandise exports for packaging foreign environmental laws and regulations do not meet the losses. Must pass legislation as soon as possible to manage the packaging, distribution and use of legal means to promote the development of green packaging. In packaging legislation,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], we should strengthen exchanges and cooperation around the world, learn from successful experiences of these countries, and in accordance with international developments on the development of policy responses. (2) to accelerate the green logo certification. China's export enterprises need to fully carry out the green certification, environmental labeling system: the first is to actively implement the ISO14000 international standards, strengthening of export packaging production process from design to the green recycling until the implementation of the program. Through the establishment, implementation of environmental management certification system,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], to control pollution from the production source, saving energy,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], reducing pollution treatment costs, to the enterprise integrated social and economic benefits. Second,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], we must actively implement the system of environmental labeling products, to allow more exports in carrying out environmental standard, based on the environment and further signs of the developed countries, exports to more than a peer certificate. 3. Increase investment, improve packaging technology for the state package is currently no specific environmental projects investment, credit and tax and other preferential policies, failed to attract large-scale social and private investment, inadequate investment in technology, resulting in the packaging industry a serious lack of talent, technology development weak. According to incomplete statistics, the packaging industry professionals, compared to just 2%, which significantly lower than the national industry average of 6.8%. Moreover, since the packaging industry technology development and strength of weak dispersion of the function of mutual cooperation would be difficult to play, resulting in failure to use a large number of scientific and technological achievements to production to packaging. The technical basis of the packaging industry in general by the packaging material processing technology. Packaging machinery manufacturing technology has three major components and packaging containers. Currently, the packaging technology industry focused on the production of containers, and packaging materials and packaging machinery for technical measures only hope common raw material production sector and the general machinery production sector to address this situation more and not packaging industry to adapt to technology. Therefore, the green technology sector on environmental protection packaging requirements and packaging manufacturers to increase technology investment, enhance the degradation of packaging technologies, recycling and repeated use of technology, production technology, green alternatives to packaging technology and the processing and comprehensive utilization of waste technology and equipment development,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], production changes in order to perfect the technology level of response to Green. 4. Improved packaging design, packaging materials developed to promote green packaging green packaging design work is first and foremost, it has a direct impact on packaging and packaging materials selection and usage and disposal of packaging waste. Green packaging design of the overall requirements, in addition to emphasis on packaging to protect and display and other functions, should be added the environmental and psychological functions. Export packaging design to the target market be aware of the environmental requirements of the country. Many of our exports reach the environmental requirements of the importing country, one of the important reasons is that the importing country's laws and regulations on environmental protection, consumer awareness of the strength is not enough understanding. For example, Australian quarantine bureau, where the imported goods packed in wooden cases, required to provide fumigation certificate. If during the packaging design does not consider these factors, it is difficult to avoid in exports. In addition, packaging and decoration, pattern and color of the design to highlight the environmental atmosphere to meet the foreign consumers protect the environment and beautify the environment of the modern consumer psychology. Research and development of green packaging materials to achieve the ultimate green packaging is the key, therefore, it is imperative to vigorously develop new green packaging materials to replace the polluting material. Research and development of green packaging materials should implement green packaging system Paper, glass, plastic and metal are the four pillars of modern packaging materials, including packaging paper packaging and glass containers are pollution, easy-to-the advantages of recycling is the main use of green packaging materials. Therefore, the paper industry requires active use of high technology, the development of E-paper method, development and production of strength and barrier properties of plastics and plastic products with paper products equivalent to many countries and regions to adapt packaging Glass manufacturing industry should be vigorously developed high-strength, low profile, easy Bolipingguan packaging materials. In short the research and development of green packaging materials to combine our resources, efficient use of resources, energy conservation, will be packaged as an important reduction measures to reduce packaging waste, out of a development path of China's packaging materials.


[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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