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mbt shoes sale Xiamen to encourage enterprises to

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Xiamen to encourage enterprises to import commodities such as pulp

Shun Po Company Limited set up cots After six months of preparation and trial operation, Po Shun Plastic Co., Ltd. Dongguan Agropyron desertorum on May 6 approved by the Government formally established, it is the United States Agropyron desertorum roller one by one the Group's first joint-venture factories in Kunshan Connaught Dan Po Shun Plastic Co., Ltd. successfully established, the establishment of the second joint venture plant. U.S. Agropyron desertorum Roller Group as Gaussian, Heidelberg,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], MAN Roland, KBA, Komori, Mitsubishi is equivalent to the international top brands of OEM partners,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], press, has been adhering to provide cost-effective COTS products, customers in Europe and America won the recognition of the market. With the successful implementation of investment plans in China, the United States Agropyron desertorum Group will promote China Roller roller offset market a revolutionary change. Sound Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd., Zhongshan City, has been assessed as Federation of Trade Unions Guangdong Province, as guide and support independent innovation, promote close links between production, forming various types of exemplary and innovative enterprise, and guide more towards innovation and enterprise development, to enhance innovation ability, speed up economic restructuring and growth patterns and building an innovative, Guangdong to provide support. Guangdong Province Nanan City, Fujian Province have been new opportunities for plastic packaging business, According to relevant persons Description: New Town, Nanan, Fujian Province, the current production of plastic packaging products, more than 30 enterprises and individual business households, more than 50 year's GDP to reach 3 billion yuan. State Southampton City departments are also actively used as guide plastic packaging products, products, makes transition; guide enterprises to open up overseas markets, the development of new environmentally friendly plastic packaging products. Nanan city government also encourages the introduction of relevant policies, for converting the transition successful manufacturer of plastic packaging for assistance. Xiamen to encourage enterprises to import paper pulp and other commodities under the Xiamen Trade Development Bureau, the Municipal Finance Bureau have jointly issued the Annual imports of key enterprises over $ 600,000,000, and an increase of over 5%, giving 300,000 yuan reward. According to the Xiamen Municipal Trade Development Bureau, the Municipal Finance Bureau issued a new policy to encourage enterprises in Xiamen City, one class of commodities imported packaging : pulp wood pulp and recovered paper, wood and so on. Micron high-speed paper machine project at the end of mechanical production Qingdao saving society one by one the key demonstration projects Micron Machinery Co., Ltd. Qingdao intelligent energy-saving high-speed paper machine project is expected later this year completed and commissioned. put into production, water saving 30 million tons per year, saving 150 million kwh and save 1.7 million tons of water vapor,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], new sales income 240 million yuan. According to insiders, the domestic long-term paper machine Since the backward technology, the speed is only 180 m / min, energy consumption, water consumption was as high as 60 tons of tons of paper, power 650 kilowatts,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], 4.2 tons of steam water, far higher than the international level. To change this situation, Qingdao Micron Machinery Co.,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Ltd. has decided to independent research and development of intelligent, high efficiency, low energy consumption characteristics of the intelligent energy-saving high-speed paper machine. the company through extensive market research, from the clean production, energy saving ideas of arduous efforts, last year finally developed with independent intellectual property rights, the leading domestic level and intelligent Jieneng-type high-speed paper machine, a good solution of the low efficiency of the machine, debug cycle length, high energy consumption, operation complexity and other issues, and solve the waste gas from the source , wastewater adverse effects to the environment. At present, Micron high-speed paper machine projects machine is rapidly implemented, and plans to end production. Jining, Shandong printed laboratory accreditation Recently, Shandong Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau of Certification, Department of the assessment team of experts together Economic Self-poly packaging 2o9 ∈} / 4 steamed


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[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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