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gorras ed hardy Autumn Garden, Xiamen, induced ven

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Autumn Garden, Xiamen, induced ventilation system underground parking Introduction

Flow in the main road. (6) the longitudinal distance between each can be induced by the end of control fan speed not less than 0.5m / s to consider that the 8 ~ 9m as a Volume at 4 Projects I93 ({bar:, re {a = / sundial two 53OO,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], l and the base I / l Tong emu on the pool section width ● sauce Ei'll ...,: ... Lj Pi /) ●. A hair f--f / , __: soil Vl / '_, | l /,' Il-r I a few of one (1 Figure 1 underground garage layout of a fire district 4.1 Project Overview Xiamen Golden Autumn Garden Placement Housing basement garage for two fire district with a total construction area of ​​5315m, 116 parking spaces, usually as a garage, converted six of civil air defense projects during the war, the height of the 3.6m, clear height under the beam 2 .6 m. 4.2 storey building design than the end of the garage, not the conventional ventilation system design, which uses induction ventilation system. ventilation rate by 6 times / h basis, into the wind into consideration the natural and mechanical wind and the two inlet part of the consideration when the smoke of fire, the design of a smoke pipe,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], exhaust fan inside the receiving room at the fire,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], through the exhaust port,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], pipe, exhaust the smoke. exhaust volume by 6 / h calculated . induced mixing ventilation system is characterized effect on the dead zone by the reverse jet blowing, the air movement to the induction zone, the dilution air flow, ensuring environmental quality. in the main engine room exhaust ventilation to set up a major equipment in Table 1 the basement centralized controller. Figure 1 shows one of the fire district's plans and diagrams. 4.3 Selection of the ventilating equipment, the equipment needed in Table 1. 4-4 Specification economy is the number of units in the name of the exchange notes in Table 2 General ventilation technology system, induced ventilation system more than the increase in the cost of civil construction cost per project costs Total operating costs of equipment investment by conventional ventilation system if the basement storey need to increase at least 4.2m, net of beams can be arranged before the next high wind, water pipes and electricity tubes. conventional ventilation more than the additional costs induced by ventilation in Table 2. Table 2 and other works by the statistics, the use of induced ventilation system,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], an investment than conventional ventilation system can be reduced by 15% to 25%, due to fan pressure head using a small axial fan, so running costs can be reduced by 20% to 40%. 5 Conclusion of the project design work was completed in 2004, completed in late 2006. nearly a year of use was better than satisfactory, reflecting the large exhaust owners only in the peak Time to open more than 10min, local concentrations exceeding, and only where the induced fan, by stirring the air so that rapid dilution of the department's air compliance. At present a large number of high-rise building construction, the design of the underground garage there air supply problem. induced ventilation system than the conventional system can save a lot of earth excavation, power consumption, 13 regular maintenance costs, and with better ventilation, so the basement ventilation system using induction is more economically feasible. References: [1】 Yin Ping. no fan ventilation and air conditioning duct system induced by a 1. underground parking garage and economic analysis of the measured A】 『. National Academic HVAC & R set of 2002 [c】 .2002.363 ~ 366. [2】 Shanghai wing induced fan samples 3-8 [z】. Received Date: 2oo7-07-31 Revised :2007-08-13InducedVentilationSystemoftheUndergroundGarageinXiamenJinqiuGardenWEIAi-hua, ZHUHe-guo (XiamenLuyuanDesignInstituteofarchitecture, Xiamen361012, China) Abstract: Byengineeringexample, introducedtheinducedventilationsystemoftheundergroundgarageinXiamenJinqiugarden. Itresolvedbettertheventilationandsmokecontrolproblemsofundergroundgarages.Keywords: undergroundgarage; conventionalventilation; inducedventilation Author: Wei Aihua (1972 a), - k-, Anyang, Henan people, bachelor, engineer, engaged in the HVAC, power design. 94I first phosphorus. pa ∞


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