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Franklin Marshall pas cher Crustaceans can replace

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Crustaceans can replace the cellophane film

Quality polysaccharide composition, its main chemical components of cellulose. The cellulose film is the main raw material for production of crustaceans. Crustaceans with chitin film processing, industrial processing crab, shrimp first time the accumulation of chitin soaked with hydrochloric acid, then alkali precipitation of calcium and protein, can be semi-finished powder shells: Crustacean powder and then dissolved in acetic acid dimethylamine , nitrogen ring ketone and lithium chloride in the mixture, then sprinkle mixture evenly on the glass and immersed in isopropanol look, the glass will be transparent to the carapace formed film. This transparent film after drying, you can replace the cellophane for decoration and packaging, and environmental pollution, self-degradation. (Yan Cheng Xun) some food plants of Australia,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the use of insoluble starch production sandwich packaging. After eating a sandwich so that people can eat with this layer of packaging. Sandwich with insoluble starch packaging, to avoid pollution of the environment, and be eaten later, can speed up the gut bacteria of the genus Bifidobacterium growth rate of stroke. And this is a bacteria, it is in the variety of yogurt on the market in favor of inclusion of beneficial bacteria to human health. It can control the bowel and diarrhea, constipation and other intestinal diseases. Therefore, the use of insoluble starch packing sandwiches, and sandwiches to eat, is environmentally friendly, healthy thing. (Yan Cheng Xun) plant IIl Japanese food experts, developed a food anti-theft packaging technology. Use of the technology, as long as the food container lid is opened, it will make a circular mark on the transparent lid changes color. The theft of food packaging technology is: a small packet of ferrous oxide into the packaging container, the oxygen will be another round signs installed in the clear instructions on the bottle. Once the bottle is opened, oxygen atmosphere inside the container will be destroyed, transformed into iron oxide to ferrous oxide, circular logo color change. It is said that this food theft packaging technology can be used in granular, powder,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], baking and canned foods. (Chen Tan) Fine Chemical Factory of Hubei University, Hubei Fine learn TJ 'feet Hubei study chemistry' Materials Science belongs in the trial of Tj ', j force more than 30 years of history, science relies Hubei Institute of Chemical Materials Science, Coatings adhesives, polymer emulsions, f divided island of composite materials, meticulous research and j T a strong advantage in the development of new products, floor ... poor, 0I j adhesive coating collar trend. I aim 』enough quality first, small profits,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], service umbrella f:,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the user first. HU. 961A Water - paper adhesive (water unit) HU. 96IB water-based adhesive paper (} lII of the machine) HU. 606A boxed sealed water-based adhesives II HU. 606B Water Color flute packaging packet bonding brake HU. 607AI small composite stock water (cold bonding) HU. 607AII small adhesive water valve (vacuum) HU a 608 water r {: paper adhesive (water t'l ~ JL) HU a 964 water-based adhesive paper (coated paper yellow paperboard) WH. 706} paper coating: light with acrylic emulsion HU. 607B Small ring you. Small fast plastic HU. 607C small plastic water pavilion Jing HU. Water-based varnish printing paper 611 HU. 616 non-toxic 』: claw plate plastic HU968 water Bian J high-speed paper button adhesive WH. 216A high-speed cigarette adhesive WH. 216B Commercial paper han-speed rubber tipped for a 216C high-speed standard rubber WH WH. 905A fiber reinforced resin waterproof glue HU. 601A Xin chlorine J phenol glue HU601B home decorating partner f j plastic HU. 601C PVC plastic small environment-friendly adhesive HU. 618 water to live j, gold foil composite glue but can not speak cattle, boats, construction, home j} glue (hot-film claw) water vehicles, boats servants, construction, furniture glue (cold bonding) 』'Address: Hubei Xiao Wu Han City, Port l Hubei school llIlj Code: 430062 』'Office: 02788663613 (Chen Fang) in the machine: according to the umbrella 13,018,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych],079,619 in Ai, 13307103927 Miss construction 13871097753L Ning Wei Zhao Yong 13026358715 called 13026344772/122 China Packaging 2003 / 3 ~ a powder packed in a lake ~ One of the rule package one by one is not three hundred and eleven of a black one with the system


[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

Tory Burch shoes Dangerous chemicals, packaging ma

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