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abercrombie milano And fruit can be eaten with a p

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And fruit can be eaten with a protective film

Time is longer. If this box to throw waste in the manure heap, not only does not pollute the environment, but also into fertilizer, the application is very promising development of preservation of food packaging materials in Brazil 巴西维索萨 Federal University recently succeeded in developing a new food packaging materials. This material can extend the shelf life of food products and to consumers to reduce their intake of preservatives. Currently, food preservatives are added one-time,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and its drawbacks is that consumers in the shelf life of the early higher consumption of food containing preservative intake, and in the end of shelf-life preservatives are almost ineffective. The University researchers developed a plastic film containing anti-microbial, within a certain period can be gradually released within the food preservatives, which not only effectively ensure the food quality, shelf life can also solve the initial intake of high consumers preservatives problems. The researchers made use of bread and sausages, the test yielded satisfactory results. New wrapping paper with l5 days after the bread is still not saved any microbial breeding. Researchers at the University will also use the same principle test corrosion plastic bottles, and the development of packaging materials using natural preservatives. Energy efficient filling line AlexCoulombeLtee investment in Canada by the KHS offers a new modern bottling line for filling and Pepsi products, the production capacity of 70,000 cans / b. lnnopalAMlASH type depalletizer for the depression-shaped design to ensure that procedures for unloading tank reliable and slower. Narrow by ionizing gas flushing. Washing principle of operation is based on spray cans blowing ionized air to remove all the static electricity, and clean the pot. Filling process of the advantages of stable and low-foam filling, and low intake of oxygen,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], carbon dioxide, less loss. Therefore, the filling product consumption,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but also to extend credit on the frame, which can improve product flavor stability. Currently, only the filling 355ml Pepsi products. However, even if the filling of other specifications, there is no problem: It is worth mentioning that the need for change in the pot must be replaced back to the trachea,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], to save time and cost of metering device on the system for measuring the flow ratio syrup or concentrate will follow the pre-set formula to the continuous water flow of the process of the media by the precision measuring device to precisely control = filling is completed, the jar after a large buffer conveyor to the coding machine. Coding machine in the unique code printed on the jar until the liquid adhesive in the jar outside to be blown away by = followed by the first, and then a second filling component inspection. Tray of 24 cans for packaging of products into the jar home plate will be accurate, and pots and trays will continue to be moved: it is difficult even if the form of packaging, stacking process can be convenient and reliable manner; its packaging speed and accuracy high. United States use herbal medicines into packaging material, according to reports, the recent U.S. Department of Agriculture food experts, the introduction of a new type of environmentally friendly food packaging materials. The new packaging material used by the powder made of pure herbs. Experts say, the packaging material will be possible to replace the traditional polyethylene plastic film,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and become the new food packaging materials that pass the test food experts, with the new packaged food packaging film can not only play a role in preservation, but also bananas and apples and other fruits to improve the taste of experts through the development of that in the near future, not only herbs, and even carrots and other vegetables and fruits b can be used to make packaging materials. Japan launched the soft bags containing gas prepared foods at high temperature sterilization in order to overcome the food conditioning prone to changes in color and taste of this defect. Japan a food conditioning machinery manufacturers introduced the use of modified atmosphere storage (MAP) fresh food, meat packing conditioning, and its main principle is to use D for High Gas (nitrogen, carbon dioxide, oxygen) of soft food packaging materials, and adjust the composition of the atmosphere packaging as the content of material to reduce respiration rate and inhibiting the growth of organisms, and thus to prolong the shelf life of food content: The main material structure: special polyester film / ONY / R ~ CPP, by a special polyester film for excellent gas barrier function to meet the high gas content will not block the rapid penetration of the demand. (Fang) and the fruit can be eaten with a protective film the University of Cambridge scientists have developed a coating on fruit L, can be eaten with the fruit with protective film, both to prevent rotting of ripe fruit soon, and it also enabled fruit taste better. This applied to the fruit on the protective film is the use of sugar, oil, fiber and oil made from a special enzyme solution, the heat slightly, it will wash the fruit into which, after soaking out, it will mask the surface of fruits have children on a thin layer of almost invisible protective film. Is this layer of protective film can prevent the entry of bacteria and oxygen, not only extend the shelf life of fruits, quickly send information to prevent


Abercrombie Deutschland Packaging and decoration l

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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