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franklin et marshall Post-modern industrial design

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Post-modern industrial design and creation of Chinese traditional comparison

Products and relationships, the combination of culture and art, not born to fight hard compact, but a blood perfusion, the internal consistency of the complain. In the West early in the 40's, the Nordic architects have proposed: the latest issue of modern architectural design is to break through technical areas and into areas of human psychology, and between the two world wars, human tendency to be a criticism. After 70 years, the design activities more consciously consider the social, economic, culture,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], semiotics, behavioral science, humanities and semantics directly penetrate into the product design. In the Even to the performance of a symbolic function and form can be separated. Postmodern Design Group Semantics in the design introduced the concept of trying to design, he said: In history, various cultures to form their own inherent set of linguistic signs to express their meaning, this symbol has been widely established and accepted by the community. But all signs in addition to their functional significance in addition to have their cultural significance, history of the times they are a symbol of a common cultural wealth of humanity. Today, due to the great fusion of cultures and cultural boundaries between genres are disappearing,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], designers should be rich in the historical process of accumulation to study the form and creative use of PACKAGINGDESIGN not nostalgic turn down Gui lice survey pACKAGlNG mouth E5lGN W These forms of modern product design services. Product features not only material but also spiritual, cultural. Products not only have a use value, but also to express a cultural content, making it a specific cultural system of metaphors. Therefore, the design has not only technical standards and functional needs, it expressed a social philosophy, ideology and complex cultural phenomenon, it is the way to the performance of material progress of human civilization. Function should not only care about the designer, but also anthropologists and social scientists is a matter of concern. Attention to post-modern design of the national culture of the region to absorb and learn the traditional arts, Gothic spire, the top Roman kiln, India raised Cave, classical, baroque and rococo patterns as extensive use of symbols. Many designers strive to make the abstract elements of traditional culture with a combination of metaphor, attention to the works of cultural connotations. Summary of post-modern industrial design and creation of the difference between traditional Chinese course, is obvious, which is mainly reflected by a different philosophy in the effects of differences in background and level of technology is quite different, in this not to repeat. Comparison is not an end in itself, it is a way of understanding things, Furthermore, compared to complementary and reconstruction. On the creation of traditional Chinese and Western post-modern industrial design, although technically inferior, but the concept is a forward-thinking, this awareness is standing on the angle of the universe creation, giving objects to spirit. Throughout the Western modern industrial design, many products at the expense of the cost of traditional technology, modern technology has greatly improved in the ability of human existence, while gradually the spiritual and human free will, pulled out from the product. To the post-modern, and Daxing nostalgia, humanism, environmental protection and the concerns of traditional culture. People understand the signs in the traditional Chinese view of creation implies. Design of the main body of man and has never been an isolated body, is a certain cultural traditions, customs and mode shape made of. People's needs is a multi-level. Design to people's understanding, will and emotions are balanced, to achieve physical and mental health development, namely the effect of body Shu Shen Yi, you should consider the needs of multi-level,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], user-friendly design is to meet a variety of people needs. People should enjoy a high quality of life, not only high-speed convenient, reasonable effort, should include comfort, pleasure, full of emotion and access to cultural influence. Some people live more diverse, more conservation of some, more personalized number, which is a contemporary designer should work together. Design should be as colorful as life itself. From another perspective, human history has on lifestyle, culture, style and products,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], as long as it can play a positive role, they should respect it,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], study it, bring it into the design range, give the product means a certain form. (This topic is Hunan Provincial Education Department Grant 20020-5) References: [1] Zhu Xiaoyue. Talk about art and design [I]. Nanchang: Jiangxi Fine Arts Publishing House ,2002.109-115 [2] Luo Yun Yun. Four Aspects of Process Thought Li Yu [A]. Sun Jianjun Zhang Ye Fu Hang Jian. Decorative Art [C]. Nanchang: Jiangxi Fine Arts Publishing House, 2001.329


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