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franklin and marshall sale Developed new ideas to

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,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]
Developed new ideas to reduce packaging pollution

Education reform, the arts and crafts are a good combination, emphasizing the process, technology and art of harmony and unity. Through arts training, students of visual sensitivity to a rational level, for the materials, structure, texture, color has a scientific and technical understanding, not just the arts of China Packaging 2009 / In teaching, like the Bauhaus art and science that can be decomposed into the basic things of factors. Biodegradable material molecules, atoms, electrons, etc.; art of painting can be broken down into the simple point, line, surface, body, space and color and other factors. Training in basic subjects, starting materials only to students, do not give students any tools, do not explain, do not give way, by each person freely to promote their own thinking, do not rely on the conditions, and guide to explore new channels, imagination, exercise the ability of students to think independently. Material regardless of what anything is the standard measure of operating with minimal human and material resources to achieve maximum results. The first person to create a design course in Eaton, and his course has suddenly won two in particular: First,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], it emphasizes the colors, materials, texture depth understanding, as well as the form of plane and solid discussion and understanding, and second, Through the analysis of the painting to find out the laws of the visual, especially rhythm and structure of these two aspects of the law, so that students of natural things have a special sensitivity. He also stressed that Eastern's Bauhaus to painting, architecture, stage technology, photography, weaving, ceramics and printing technology, such as uniform application of pure art and applied arts abandoned the boundaries, thus allowing the students with the arts,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], sciences and the social, economic, psychological and physiological knowledge and technology; It advocates the collective creation of art and industry segmentation into the unity of art and technology; of the machine to become the artist's creative tools, and developed mass production methods. We are familiar with the expressionist master Klee, Kandinsky, Munch, etc. have been in the Bauhaus teaching, they improve the education system has played a positive role in promoting. Kandinsky's teaching is completely abstract from the theory of color and shape, and then gradually the abstract content of these linked to the specific design, step by step through the teaching guide, and handy to use in their design. Klee greater emphasis on the relationship between different art, attention to the relationship between feeling and creativity, the contrast between painting and music. He believes that For his point, line and shape are given mental content and symbolic meaning,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], emphasizing the interdependence between the various forms and mastery, ie focus on the scientific premise for the study, more emphasis on the mental factor. It was their pursuit and practice of the Bauhaus's education system is more mature. The most important thing is to pay attention to scientific rational thinking,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but also a very important relationship between feeling and creativity, and will not simply study the shape of the object without form, and often abstract of the abstract with the concrete embodiment of things together. This makes their work is both modern and traditional European show faintly archaic. Bauhaus graduates, such as neck Luoou Marcil (MBretier), is a UNESCO . The sun and shade)), etc. The book also talked about China's Lao Tzu, the actual situation demonstrated spatial relationships. Rohe recalled in the United States, said: House of modern art and design education in the world have had great influence, it reflects the humanistic ideas of science and technology and produced by the combination of harmony, to infiltrate people's living environment as well as practical and consumption among the general public exerts a subtle influence aesthetic awareness. References: 【1】 Hung Hing then compiled the Design History China Academy Press, 2004 [2】 king by the book. China Youth Publishing House. 2007 [5] who can be with. Beijing Institute of Technology Press. 1991 [4] Tom. Wal-Fu Zhao. Tsinghua University Press. 1984


[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

Abercrombie France Dangerous chemicals, packaging

franklin et marshall Packaging design and value en

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