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franklin and marshall sale Developed new ideas to

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Developed new ideas to reduce packaging pollution

A new situation, that is, taking into account the development of packaging industry environment, so that the two reconciled. In this regard, developed countries have some new ideas: First, try to use packaging materials,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], easy to deal with the choice of packaging materials and actively develop new packaging materials, to reduce pressure on the environment. American and European companies have developed many developed countries to meet environmental requirements, Pulp molding packaging is difficult to degrade gradually replace the traditional plastic materials. For example, a U.S. company has developed a renewable paper packaging mat material, which is caused by such use of the old sheet of paper packaging, can be difficult to replace the now widely used in the degradation of the foam cushion. Second,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the development of edible food packaging, packaging is a new way. As we all know, food packaging is a big industrial packaging, accounting for about 70% of the packaging industry, food and packaging waste on the environmental pollution the most. So to solve the problem of food packaging waste is packaging a major problem, the development of edible food packaging waste material is to solve the conflict between good and environmental protection method, which is made of a goal does not affect the flavor of packaged food packaging film This film can eat. For example, a company in Australia Yakunshilan potato chips made from an edible packaging, people eat potato chips after the completion of its packaging edible, not to cause waste; Japan to develop a refined use of shell material made of edible chitosan acetate off the wrapping paper This edible wrapping paper for fast surface cooking spices directly into the pot. Edible packaging is convenient to use the people's life and packaging waste to avoid pollution of the environment, it is worth further study. Third, consider the environment in the packaging design requirements 1. Designed to make full use of packaging material or can be divided into the same can coexist Liu Beichen material from a single material packaging, easy recovery and recycling. If the market does not appear on a high-density polyethylene with polyester base can be El Coke bottle, its ease of regeneration. Multi-level structure of the composite materials must be considered easy separation without prejudice to recycling. Coated aluminum beverage such as listening to melt the organic coating in the recovery of the organic coating can be burned will not be difficult to recycle, while the compound is difficult to separate paper and plastic packaging for purification. 2. Design cycle of packaging to use recycled packaging materials, reusable resources and reduce pollution in both provinces, should be vigorously promoted. Asahi, Akira bar spilled beer and other companies developed a long life beer bottles, beer bottles stronger than the original strength of 10%, average life expectancy may be extended twice, the service life of up to 16 years; Europe appearing on the market of cosmetics and luxury packaging beautiful durable,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], consumers are willing to add saving repeated cosmetic packaging, packaging waste to avoid pollution of the environment. 3. As simple as possible to achieve appropriate packaging packaging packaging excessive waste of resources but also cause unnecessary environmental pollution. Some developed countries are calling for appropriate packaging and have introduced a number of laws and regulations. If the United States to the degree of luxury goods packaging complex made according to certain specifications limit the proportion of over-packaging beyond the requirements of the heavy penalties. This forced manufacturers to cut down on packaging. Japan even proposed a Fourth, good packaging, packaging waste recycling is the big environmental pollution. Countries are trying to separation and recovery of packaging waste, are recycled. For example, the separate collection of packaging waste in Germany doing well, only a lot of useful material recycling of waste incineration power generation and use of energy and also reduce environmental pollution. China is a large developing country,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], resources per capita is far below the international average. We should learn the advanced experience of foreign countries do a good job packing the classification, to utilize more resources, but also reduce environmental pollution and do serve multiple purposes. . Yeast


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