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For the wife of a man writing, we really envy ah

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 PostWysłany: Sob 11:44, 20 Lis 2010    Temat postu: For the wife of a man writing, we really envy ah Back to top

always been said that man is too hurt his wife is henpecked, it ridiculous. Why are henpecked? A little girl would, God picked up an arm to be able to give him, why be afraid of her? You really think how many men henpecked? Pecked husbands? Cuocuo Cuo. A truly courageous man and a woman can not care about, women are used to coax, not to curse, the woman is used to hold, not to fight.
in this world, whether you have a few women, the final and what a woman together, but in the end you only have the deepest love a woman, maybe you can enter the marriage, happiness, and perhaps you missed the end of the Ben thing, but if you meet the people you love and love is the only person in this life, how can you not Haoteng her?
to know that in this world, the first 20 years of Who Loved your woman is your mother, then, Who Loved your woman is your wife, man, but to Care, people older girls to the youth and life all the time pressure on you, if you can not accommodate her, but also how as a man? But the people to conscience Kenshin, ah, not really ruthless hero, pity children how not to her husband?
I'm a man, my wife is a woman, a man stronger than women, men are stronger than women, women Well, sentimental point, weak point of crying, sensitive and more doubts, love vexatious point, nothing like the cranky point, like Dances baby temper, there are always a few days each month low spirits, roll your eyes. So it was the thing, What else? Who wife derailed, killing, and drug use a single say ah.
you a Tate's husband, wide shoulders, big chest, a huge lung capacity, does not allow a small woman in this torment? How she can toss ah? You do not toss that is in it? She is absolutely standard in front of others ladies, like a good little sheep, here you do not also mounted the pedal of foot, crying freak, playing the character sub it? Do not you put up finished? What you're my, you're wrong I'm wrong, as long as his wife is not happy to mess with all my fault, as long as my wife said I was wrong that I was wrong! Who I am is a man? Who let the woman I love to love \Who let this little girls is my woman?
we not afraid of the police, not afraid of hooligans, not afraid of the teacher, not afraid of parents, who fought to get the wand, surrounded by a dozen people over war, into the police station had recorded a statement, someone else carry over beam. Dare not say afraid of death, as too trifling to people who look at life itself is not responsible for their own, that is the desecration of life, but at least, if one day, death can not choose, then we will be calm in the face. But one thing I ever afraid, afraid of my wife's tears. She can be trouble, you can be noisy, but they are not allowed to give me sad, is not allowed to freak, so that women are incompetent man cry, the injured woman's heart is not capable!
this world can make my clothes soft and such a woman would hardly have had, my mom had my dad cajole, I have my wife.
man in cold blood and then have a gentle side, a gentle man is not only a woman humiliation. Step back in the bitch in front of Tate's husband, called grace, is not called fear. Guys who struggle a little in front of the ladies, called accommodation, is not useless. Tears for a woman a man can admit to the woman, a woman can be nauseating, because this man has love, know love, cherish the love. Care should care, and to get well, ah, man children are.
when people when the husband is not white, you will become a mountain side of the sea, her dependence, tolerance to her. Welcome to Wikipedia, first accommodate his wife, and even love have no place, can only put what?
Niubi with women playing in front of men, there is no future for men, real men Niubi by truth and good faith should be to impress a woman, let a woman dead set to follow you, follow you and make women feel the most happy.牛逼 front of the men not to show any 牛逼, nor will his wife in front of 牛逼.
I love my wife, my wife loves me, though she was emotional, nervous, love fried hair kitty, but I am still willing to be his faithful dog, loyal husband, heard her vain side of the daydream, see her cry to see her laugh, see her like a baby to see her and scream aloud, listen to her to threaten a hunger strike and even lying on rails I admit mistakes, I am willing to accommodate her and her step by step to change, I'll make her happy, since there will not be disturbed, will not be unhappy. If she is not happy, it must be my fault.
I love her, but her, no one should I do this, except she will not have a second for someone to love me, this life, I love her a enough, she just love me enough to have I will not allow some people more than I love her. I love her, willing her to become humble, willing to be her faithful servant, if she is willing to always be my little princess, can only belong to my little princess.
machismo is not playing with the wife's. Men and men can only fight, and women fighting, depends on who you are. The real man will never feel that men should be high first-class woman, do not forget to put you into the world is a woman, not to forget the future and create a new life with you, or a woman. A 牛逼 man, always will be only one side Niubi woman, and always the same person.


I am in your mind what kind of person

Yilianyoumeng space open!

English quarrel one hundred!!

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