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Eat two dishes will be dead co

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Taiwan, a girl suddenly died suddenly of bleeding for no reason, overnight, went to their lives, after a preliminary autopsy. Determined to be due to arsenic poisoning death. The arsenic comes from a medical school professor was invited to come to solve the case.
professor carefully looked at the dead stomach, less than half an hour, the mystery was solved. Professor said: The deceased did not commit suicide, is not killed, but from ignorance of its killing, we understand.
Professor wrote: arsenic in the stomach of the deceased. The deceased will be taken daily vitamin C, which is no problem in the problem was that she eat dinner a lot of shrimp, shrimp is not the problem, so nothing happened to her family, but was also taking vitamin dead C, the problem is out there!
University of Chicago researchers, found by experiment, shrimp and other soft-shell food contains a much higher concentration of - five arsenic compounds, potassium . The fresh food by itself has no toxic effects on the human body, but taking vitamin C, due to chemical reaction, the original non-toxic - five potassium arsenic \(As05) \a giant toxic effect of arsenic, can cause paralysis capillaries, mercapto Jimei inhibit the activity of the liver and fat necrosis varying Lobules Centre, heart, liver, kidney, intestine congestion, epithelial cell necrosis, telangiectasia. Therefore, in its toxicity of the deceased, often distributed to them bleeding.
so; as a precautionary measure, taking vitamin C during the period should not eat shrimp.
shrimp + C = D + Coke = cold medicine poisoning poisoning
there some, you know? !
1, eggs, avoid saccharin ┄ ┄ with food poisoning, death
2, ┄ ┄ tofu with fresh honey avoid deafness
3, kelp avoid constipation with fresh pig blood ┄ ┄
4, potatoes, bananas bogey ┄ ┄ freckles with fresh raw
5, beef, brown sugar ┄ ┄ avoid bulging with fresh dead
6, vinegar eel bogey ┄ ┄ with food is dead
7, snail meat ┄ ┄ avoid eating the same food product bloating
8, celery avoid rabbits off the hair with fresh ┄ ┄
9, ┄ ┄ tomato with fresh green beans avoid debilitating
10, ┄ ┄ crab with fresh persimmon avoid diarrhea
11, bogey duck goose ┄ ┄ with fresh pear kidney injury
12, ┄ ┄ onion with fresh honey avoid eye injury
13, blackfish bogey ┄ ┄ eggplant with fresh stomach pain
14, Turtle bogey amaranth
┄ ┄ with food poisoning 15, preserved eggs, brown sugar ┄ ┄ bogey with fresh nausea
16, ginseng bogey radish ┄ ┄ food product food stagnation with gas
17, bogey persimmon wine with fresh heart ┄ ┄
can not eat boring food:
1. sweet potatoes and persimmons will get stones
2. radish and fungus skin inflammation
3. taro and bananas bloating
kidney damage peanut and cucumber 5. beef and chestnuts cause vomiting
carp and licorice will be poisoned within two hours following foods must not eat the same:
lamb with fresh watermelon avoid debilitating
goose eggs, avoid onions with fresh debilitating
avoid eye injury
honey with water with fresh cucumber peanut beverages
avoid avoid taro with fresh banana pork, water chestnut
avoid bloating stomach pain
tofu with fresh honey bogey bogey with fresh radish
deaf ear dermatitis
eating dog meat with green beans bogey eat the same food poisoning
easy to avoid fungus with eating horse meat cholera
beef with fresh ginger hair avoid poisoning
avoid dried vegetables and mutton with fresh raw heart of nausea
Avoid mustard chicken with fresh debilitating
donkey avoid fatal
yellow rabbit with fresh heartache avoid cabbage with fresh pear easy to avoid vomiting
fever with fresh blackfish carefully avoid eggplant with fresh crab bogey easy to get cholera
easy to get malaria with fresh jujube
avoid pear mustard made with fresh vomit Avoid potatoes with fresh banana
raw spot
face with some vegetables can not eat:
pork liver with food will hurt water chestnut, watermelon meet scheduled mutton mutual invasion;
dog in case of mung bean will damage the health, radish fruits adverse thyroid;
licorice combined with the harmful carp, crab and persimmon together will be poisoned;
pregnant women avoid soft-shelled turtle eel and crab, eggs, eat anti-inflammatory tablets clash;
persimmon with sweet potato Health stones, eggs, milk nutrition should not be rushed;
meet eye injury honey onion, radish fungus pairs students dermatitis;
tofu mixed with honey compared deaf ears, spinach, tofu color United States would not be appropriate;
carrot, red radish with each other , tomato, cucumber can not eat together;
banana taro into the stomach pain, potatoes, bananas and spot face.

should not eat:
1, germination, blue potatoes poisonous to eat.
2, fresh lily (day lily) poisonous to eat.
3, do not fry the green beans, lentils toxic, can not eat.
4, the old chicken head (more than 5 years beheaded) the big drug, can not eat.
5, tender fried liver, contain toxins and should not eat.
6, preserved eggs, popcorn, particularly lead, children should not eat.
7, burnt food can not eat, eat easily after cancer.
8, Black ginger are highly toxic, to necrosis of liver cells must not eat.
9, raw soybean oil contains benzene, will destroy the hematopoietic system, can not eat.
10, long cooking with Asian X salt water, eating is prone to cancer.
11, can not eat too hot food, easy to burn the digestive tract caused by cancer.
12, can not eat undercooked soy milk, eat easy poisoning.
13, pickled foods contain cancer-causing substances, should not eat.
14, baking the chicken category, fish containing carcinogens, should not eat.
15, persimmon persimmon flight susceptible to stomach stones, do not eat.
16, food additives, artificial vegetarian, spice, flavor, preserved eggs, instant noodles, luncheon meat, fried food should not eat.
diet Song:
salt and vinegar, a good anti-virus anti-inflammatory, kidney warm leek knee waist. phlegm eliminate flatulence
radish, celery can lower high blood pressure.
pepper to cold and dampness, onion spicy ginger for colds. inhibition of gastroenteritis
garlic, green beans the most wonderful hot weather.
pears good lungs and phlegm, stomach and kidney fresh dates.
blood beauty Yan tomato, egg puzzle nutrition high.
peanuts can lower cholesterol, melons, beans, swelling and diuretic.
fish can make milk, animal liver, good eyesight. several ebony
fluid nerves, lungs and UFA eat walnuts.
good lungs and phlegm honey, grape color Yue young people. Wei Huo laxative solution
banana, apple diarrhea and nutritious. containing calcium and sulfur
kelp, mushrooms contain cancer cells.
diuretic row toxin cabbage, cauliflower eat less cancer.

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