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Clinical analysis of 75 cases of postpartum hemorr

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Clinical analysis of 75 cases of postpartum hemorrhage

Cases of postpartum hemorrhage 75 patients,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], aged 2O ~ 36 years, mean 26 years. Method of assessment of postpartum hemorrhage and weighing the pots connection method. 75 cases of antenatal fetal head position were single, of which 54 cases produced by the Yin Daoshun; cesarean delivery in 15 cases; capacity forceps in 6 cases. 75 cases of blood loss 500 ~ 1000ml61 cases (80.3). 1001 ~ 15O0ml8 (10.6). 1501 ~ 2000ml4 cases (5.4). 2000ml over 2 cases (2.7). The causes of postpartum hemorrhage. 46 cases of uterine atony (61.3%); placenta caused 24 cases (32). Many of them before because of pregnancy or abortion history of abortion,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], killing or placenta accreta placenta accreta in 13 cases, accounting for postpartum hemorrhage caused by placental factors for more than half; soft birth canal injury in 4 cases (5.4); coagulation disorders 1 (1.3%). Postpartum hemorrhage within 2h after the baby is delivered 59 (78.7). Occurred in 16 patients within 2 ~ 24h (21.3). 2 to discuss the causes of postpartum hemorrhage of 2.1 uterine inertia: seen from the above information. The main reasons for postpartum hemorrhage caused by uterine inertia, in this group of patients accounts for more than 6O. Consistent with the obstetrics and gynecology textbooks described 『1]. So I think that should be attention to the protection of labor productivity. Uterine contraction and reduced recovery complex functions. Is the key to prevention and treatment measures for postpartum hemorrhage. Placental factors: in this group because of placenta and other causes of postpartum hemorrhage in 24 patients, accounting for 32, and 13 cases in which there many times before birth or drug induced abortion history of abortion. And incidence of endometrial damage caused by endometritis,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], placenta accreta or placenta implants cause. I believe that. Family planning missions. Guide the couple to take appropriate contraceptive measures, in particular, should resolutely reject premarital sex is a powerful guarantee for prevention of postpartum hemorrhage. Soft birth canal injury: 4 cases in this group of soft birth canal injury in patients with postpartum hemorrhage. 2 cases was due to the production process improper use of oxytocin, especially in the second stage of labor. Cause contractions too strong, the baby is delivered too quickly, without adequate expansion of the soft birth canal and tear. Relevant reports and domestic damage caused by the soft birth canal similar situation l2]. Coagulation disorders: This is a rare cause of postpartum hemorrhage, patients with multiple system disorders associated with blood as pregnancy taboos. In this group 1 patient was due to pregnancy with idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura. Il Fou postpartum transferred from the medical college, together with the physicians to assist treatment. Given blood transfusion, the loser of small plates, hormones, and discharged after combined treatment. 2.2 postpartum bleeding time in this group,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], 59 patients (nearly 8O) postpartum hemorrhage within 2h after the baby is delivered. Can see the end of the medical practices in the provision of maternal maternity ward after delivery must be closely observed in the 2h is very necessary. Especially in the clinic or home delivery of individual persons,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], midwives must be closely observed for maternal 2h. Recognition can only leave when no postpartum hemorrhage. Also can not ignore bleeding after 2h, maternal and family members should explain precautions. Regular visits to health care problems are discovered early treatment. 2.3 The impact factors of postpartum hemorrhage postpartum hemorrhage related factors, the most obvious mode of delivery. The group of 75 patients with postpartum hemorrhage occurred in 54 cases of normal vaginal delivery. Normal vaginal deliveries over the same period accounted for 1.82%; cesarean delivery in 15 cases. 325 cesarean deliveries over the same period accounted for; forceps delivery in 6 cases. Forceps births over the same period accounted for 4. O3%. Operative delivery rate of postpartum hemorrhage were higher than normal vaginal delivery 4 times. So. In clinical work. Obstetricians and midwives should encourage women who give birth every confidence. Due to elimination of maternal anxiety, depression, fear and other psychological factors influence on the mode of delivery [3]. At the same time must be closely observed and proper handling of labor changes. Surgery to reduce human production opportunities. Especially in the last decade. Cesarean section rate increased year by year H]. 2O or more in most areas it is almost my opinion, attention to observed treatment delivery process, reduce the incidence of dystocia. Prevention and treatment of postpartum hemorrhage. Improve the quality of obstetric significance.

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