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Science and technology and social and economic evaluation of coordinated development

Around the key areas of technological development and priorities, strengthen basic research, high technology, scientific research and technological infrastructure integration programs such as the implementation of the integration through the implementation of various programs to foster high-tech product groups, extend the industrial chain; Fourth, further strengthen the national and provincial science and technology program and city and county projects of integration and linkage, cities and counties in accordance with national and provincial development objectives of science and technology, combined with technological and economic development around the strategic needs of a planned and purposeful expected to foster a number of projects into the national and provincial innovation projects, through the provincial,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], city and county joint tender, gathering scientific and technological resources, science and technology plans to improve coordination at all levels of ability to innovate,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], build a coalition to promote effective mechanisms. (2) the continuous improvement of program management model,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], according to a just, fair and open competition, management of science and technology plan to accelerate scientific and democratic process first, we must vigorously promote scientific and technological bidding system, those who meet the tender conditions, the major technology projects, should be way be taken to determine the project bidding; Second, actively introduce technology assessment mechanism, enhance the scientific decision-making; third,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], to explore the system implementation project management, implementation of a thematic review the full pre-calculation, all cost estimates and project management chief expert system way, which is internationally accepted project management of research programs and research projects as a way. (3) training, attracting and retaining talent in today's world of competition between countries and regions, in the final analysis depends on the talent competition. After joining WTO, Liaoning Pro side I come from foreign and domestic provinces and cities more intense war for talent. Projects work to implement the Provincial and municipal projects should cultivate talents, especially young spit the other as an important indicator of technological innovation, science and technology projects, and promote personnel training. Implemented through various programs, discovery, nurturing and stability of technological innovation. (4) To strengthen the joint production and research to promote the enterprises to become the mainstay of technological innovation projects to give priority to enterprises, universities, research institutions jointly undertake projects for industry, a high degree of engineering projects, must be led by the enterprise, promote large-scale enterprises and enterprise groups to become involved in domestic and international competition in Liaoning, the main force. Meanwhile, the application access to national SME innovation fund and financial support for agricultural science and technology achievements provide matching funds, the provincial science and technology venture capital fund industry should focus on science and technology projects as investments. (5) to strengthen science and technology projects to implement the tracking, monitoring and management in recent years, Liaoning, management of science and technology plan a series of reforms in the future should strive to change the long-term re-formed under the planned economy, project management, implementation and management of light conditions, explore the establishment of project management, implementation management, inspection and management, performance evaluation, implementation of the scheme reflects the whole process of science and technology management system. Project authorities to establish project management responsibility system, strengthen the tracking of project management, coordinate and resolve project issues related to the implementation process. While increasing funding for supervision, to ensure that provincial funding, the department matching funds, unit self-financing in place in time, and used for other purposes. Projects to further improve the implementation of the statistical reporting system, major projects on the provincial report once every six months and progress of project implementation and to improve the timeliness of planning and statistics,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], timely provision of services for the program management. (Applause.) l Science and Technology Department of Liaoning Province Science and Technology Statistics Center J India to discuss a time when India to stop using animal health sector and the livestock sector in research activities as to whether continued use of laboratory animals at an impasse on the issue on the occasion, organized the Bureau of Animal Husbandry a meeting decided to set up an expert group meeting to develop a gradually reduced, until finally in the medical and other scientific experiments planned phasing out the use of laboratory animals. The expert group led by the National Institute of immunization, and includes representatives from the National Veterinary Research Institute, Agricultural Research Council and a member of the Department of Biotechnology. In addition, on behalf of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research Laboratory under the two scientists will join the team. - The expert group will also participate in international standard, such as the World Health Organization, the OECD countries to develop standards and criteria in the American Pharmacopoeia, the current standard of laboratory animals to assess the dose. The meeting also decided to establish an expert group to develop a standard laboratory animals, another group will be responsible for the availability of each laboratory animal use and raising the qualifications identified. 'It was also decided to require that a laboratory animal breeding facilities, facility inspection, maintenance and use of facilities in the rectification of the problems detailed plan to develop time-limited, Animal Husbandry Bureau reported to the Panel of Experts. . 1 stone l23,

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