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Technology to create new jobs - shorthand teacher

Time Division Nang into the box ... ... .... . One hundred and eleven ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... a candidate, many key and hit his hands, shortening the time of keystrokes to speed up the rate of input of Chinese characters, which can be quickly input, the most fast entry speeds of up to 520 words per minute! 8 characters per second! the general pace of work is also about 220 words, most people can keep up with Speed ​​(180-200 words / minute), was termed the information age . Sulu division of professional certification and professionalism in August 2003, issued by the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, national occupational standards for teachers Sulu, marking the Sulu formally incorporated into the national vocational division system. The Standard, the Sulu employees the training, selection,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], assessment, employment form a complete and unified system so that Sulu has an authority from the industry, standard, scientific, and quantitative guidance system. As a shorthand teacher, should have a good work ethic and solid foundation of professional knowledge. From the professional ethics is concerned, not only have the required general professional dedication, discipline and other basic norms, and because the text may be confidential records, so keep secret the specification and other requirements are included into. Is from the professional knowledge, including Sulu and shorthand for the basic knowledge, basic knowledge of modern Chinese language, basic computer knowledge and relevant laws and regulations knowledge. Although the number of employees in knowledge of shorthand is not very high starting point, in some people's minds, the members of the same as a simple shorthand typist, but to become a qualified member of Sulu is not easy to master even harder. To know that a person must understand to record all walks of life have their own jargon, business, finance, securities, foreign trade, networks, all need a solid foundation to do the job, and thus with the development of Sulu on Sulu Members will be more high quality requirements, gradually moving towards specialization. Sulu's industry status and development prospects of juicy countries have their own language shorthand machine, including the United States, Russia, Britain, Japan, Italy, Turkey and Bulgaria. Sulu machine as a high-speed, efficient input devices, has been widely used in many countries, courts, television, press, Congress, Parliament and other large meetings occasions. China's important role essential. Today's society, secretarial staff shorthand shorthand skills are one of the basic skills necessary. In the U.S., Sulu employing up to 500 million,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], almost 1O0% of court personnel on-site using the shorthand records; in Japan, the courts, parliaments, business meetings and other occasions, the widespread use of shorthand techniques; in Germany, France, Italy, Australia , the United Kingdom and other countries, Sulu technologies have been widely used, and the Sulu high teacher salaries are basically priced by the hour. . J from the perspective of humans from equal pay, with the As many members of Sulu in the courts and other state organs concentrated, so that the community engaged in the business services Sulu scarce number of personnel,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], a high level of Sulu division is small, so thousands of people across the country also, mostly in Beijing . If the proportion of the population, cf the United States, China should have tens of millions of members Sulu! Even if China's economic development gap with the United States should also take a few 100000-1000000 Sulu member of one thousand and 100 million gap, created a shorthand teacher professional unlimited employment space. There is such a huge talent gap, the remuneration of teachers Sulu is Created a huge demand for scarce employment,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], career. May 2005, Sulu teachers to become Sulu division - the fingers flying career is witnessing a new information age West Port Court,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the military Editor

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