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Tory Burch UK Recyclable corrugated plastic basket

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Recyclable corrugated plastic baskets to the challenge

Top Ten Enterprises According to company submitted to the national statistical offices Statistical Yearbook 2003, preferred the 105 key industrial sectors, according to each industry realized profits of the top 10 criteria listed filter out. According to reports, in 2003, 1050 the impact of the domestic economy, the face of the main raw material prices continued to rise and, into the IZl film inroads into the domestic market disadvantage, Lucky Group Second Film Factory workers closely around the business development goals, strengthen confidence, unity and hard work, to take proactive response, efforts to defuse the negative factors, so that enterprises have withstood severe tests, to maintain healthy and stable development of good running posture. Lucky Group Second Film Factory is a domestic printing enterprises in research and production of photosensitive materials only into the good approval of the new production line of aluminum cans. can find aluminum cans instead of the new containers, the industry's concern. the birth of paper cans, aluminum cans to overcome the shortcomings, there are broad prospects for development. According to experts, building A production line of aluminum cans at least 17 million yuan, while paper production line is only 200 million cans; aluminum cans for the 20 million minimum quantities, paper cans of economic quantities of 20,000 or more. paper can be used in paint, chemicals , food, medicine and other packaging materials can also produce paper boxes paper cans, paper cups, cardboard boxes and other products. experts predict that China's annual demand for paper cans will gradually reach 150tL only, and its excellent properties for the Chinese packaging Industry inject new vitality. (Wu) a new invention plastic wrap to eat Chinese Oregon State University professor of food experts Zhaoyan Yun and Deng Xieer invented a thin paste with a natural preservative, can keep food fresh but also to eat into the stomach. According to reports,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Zhaoyan Yun and Deng Xieer cooperation with the researchers, the crab and shrimp shell ingredients in the mix, creating an anti-bacterial food packaging, this paper can make fruit rot caused microbial growth slowdown Fruit can be stored for longer, even in the new invention of plastic wrap to add vitamins and minerals to make food more beneficial to health. (Su-News) recyclable corrugated plastic basket challenge to understand, the world's leading retail giant Wal-Mart now uses 70% of the packaging material is RPC (to recycle plastic baskets), rather than corrugated boxes. RPC is the first standardized information delivery materials transport material,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], because of its size the same, easy stacking, RPC has the bottom slot and its stability is better than stacking boxes. RPC not only has the advantages of standardization,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but also has a strong display functions. because the RPC does not cover, consumers can see the contents of the products, do not print on the packaging design,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], eliminating the need for a packaging printing costs without sacrificing the marketing function. Although the corrugated box for protection of commodities strong, laid bare its excellent compression and moisture resistant properties of this phase is the RPC can not be ratio, and its appearance is very beautiful, but it has become increasingly thin profit carton, carton industry, the challenges are being RPC. (Su Rong) of pure pulp packaging paper appears in Europe and America recently launched a new European and American markets food and specialty packaging PLMEX paper, it is 100% pure pulp, non-fluorescent agents and hazards of chemical substances, water and oil, anti-stick, heat-resistant (resistant to 200 ~ C ~ 250 ~ C high temperature), in line with the U.S. FDA and Germany BGA food hygiene standards. this food special paper recycled after use by washing with water, and can be used repeatedly 50 times. The success of food the volume of paper, there are also pressed into the shape of a variety of paper cups, whether for steam , bake, or microwave heating, deformation and will not fade. (Su AP) French company invented the plastic bags ETIKTACK easy opening and closing tags present, the form of flow-pack for welding with a sealed plastic bag of polypropylene or polyamide film , if you do not tear the bag,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], then there is no way to open the bag, pour out the stuff inside, it closed several times, let alone the bags of IZl. The use of this plastic strips, the Secretary, the method


franklin et marshall Packaging industry will be th

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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