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Tory Burch shoes Measured by two microphones struc

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Measured by two microphones structural vibration theory and experiment

hll and. . Lp! AMJV one. , M-I. . -JI. J. .... . A r -'hW,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], r 'a. '2 MM '■ ... _'UI fifteen, discussion and conclusions Frequency (kHz) Figure 6, the vibration of a lathe headstock. Vibration technology is dual-microphone sound intensity technique and closely linked. When measuring sound in the business, but also set 4 was surface vibration, noise study to bring great convenience. 2. It is a non-contact vibration measurement method. Compared with the accelerometer does not increase the added mass, and do not like the high frequency range with the installation of accelerometers that are changed conditions. And Eddy Current vibrometer than it does not require precise clamping, free from electrical conductivity of the material, and eddy current sensors than the commonly used frequency bandwidth. Compared with the laser vibrometer, it is more simple and easy to operate advantages. Larger magnitude can be measured vibration values. Zhen Qu Engineering 3 3 dragonfly. This approach also has shortcomings can not be ignored. It is only in the range of audio and volume measurements. Easy to achieve high-precision measurement of the vibration magnitude. Especially in low frequency. Results are often unreliable. The fur is very regular and very small surface structure, the method will produce large errors: 1] [2: [3] References Fmssen,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], J {. , Crocker,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], M. J. : EstimationofAcousticVeloeity. SurfaceVclocityandRadiationEfficiencybyUseofTwo-microphoneTechniqucs, J. Acoust. Soc. Amr. Vo1.73, No. 3,1983, pp. 104-1053 Ren Ming Zhang, Tang captures Ru,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Gu Chong title, near-field sound intensity measurement error analysis, 5,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych],1988, PP. 60-64Gade, S. 1SoundIntensity, B & KTech. Rew. , No. 3. 1982, PP. 3-23EstimationofStructureVibrationUsingTwo-MicrophoneTechniqueTheoryandExperimentalVerificationt? EnMinuzhanTangXieruGuChong: rian (XianJiaotongUniversity) Abstrct. k, Inthispaper, basedontheassumptionofcontinuityofnormalvelocityatstru-cladsurface, amethodtoestimatethevibrationresponseusingtwo-microphonetechnigueOllasysternconsistingofaFFTsignalnalyzerandamicrocomputefhaeendescribed. Byusingthemodelsofonebaffledrigidpistonandtwopistons, theintrinsicerrorssuchasfinitedifferenceapproxlmatlonerrorandphasemismatcherrorw. rcstudied. andtheeffectofdlsturbanceofneighbouringSOUrcesonthemeasurementwasanalyzcd. Experimentalverifieationwasdoneonvariousstructures. Itconcludedthatthismethodisvalidfofsurfaccvihrationestimatonconbinedwithsoundintensltytechnique, itwillbringgreatCOnYeniencefornoiseCOntrolenginecring. ksywords: twe-microphonetcchniquc. soundintens [ty, vibration


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