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tory burch London Commercial work is also packed s

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Commercial work is also packed storage management

Improve economic efficiency is the fundamental purpose of storage and transportation to work boats packaging information campaign was extensive, effective, and 87 years to participate. Information in the National Packaging packaging machinery enterprises should pay attention to the implementation of group technology TechniqueofBunching, anImportancetoPackagingManufacturers. . Daihong Min Li. gmin products, the need of competition in recent years,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], with the rise of China's packaging industry, packaging machinery have developed rapidly in China's machinery industry has become an important branch. However, an increase in the number and variety of products at the same time, packaging machinery products in the domestic and overseas markets have experienced intense competition. Survival of the fittest,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], those who shun the development of a competitive mechanism Nizhe out under the control of packaging machinery products only to high-quality, low cost, multi-function can win in the competition. To this end, packaging machinery shall be continuously updated with new technology the production of varieties, with three new (new technology, new style, new features) and more than three (more variety, more specifications, diversity) of products to meet the packaging and marketing are been raising the demand, which requires small quantities of packaging machinery must be ways to organize production. Small mass production machinery the world today is a major trend in production. According to statistics, the Japanese packaging machinery orders 85 to 90 are based on contract, according to variety, small batch produced; foreign machinery manufacturing enterprises are about 75 small and medium batch production of nature; and domestic small batch produced by the machinery manufacturing industry, including packaging machinery companies are up to 80 to 85 varieties of small batch production with high flexibility, product generation and strong features. Mass production because it is not as high as the productivity of processing equipment,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], not easy to organize lines, combined with production and management complexity, and thus low productivity, economic efficiency, costs are often higher than the mass production of large numbers of 5 to 30 times. The fatal weakness has led to increased economic benefits of small and medium batch production machinery industry become a major issue, caused great concern around the world. To solve the problem, there are mainly two types of approaches: the use of computer control technology, such as CNC machine tools and processing centers, it adopted to adjust the input of new software products change the processing procedure, a flexible, easy to adjust the benefits, able to adapt to constantly updating and upgrading of the processing needs, so many varieties, small batch production is basically to achieve process automation, achieve higher productivity and more stable processes processing quality i Second, promote the adoption of the founding by the Soviet Union in the 50's, 60 years after the heart station storage sub-station success of the reform in conjunction with the production plant, which not only saves a lot of Kimura, packaging costs, more important to reduce the loss of earned credibility. They also meet the storage sub-station on the transport packaging of poor Anhui, Hangzhou, Shanghai, three Commercial Storage and Transportation Company, Fuzhou daily contact with workers packing, as a result of the poor quality of transport packaging, transport links and more ineffective means of loading and unloading, inflicting hundreds of billions of economic losses and distressed. They really want to speak out, the entire society to improve attention to packaging, the packing method,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], layer reduction, lower intensity, it seems that the factory can cost several million. However, in the loss of circulation caused by the loss of several hundred thousand dollars will make the country, and to shame companies and products really can be called more harm than good. Fuzhou Business Storage and Transportation Company 26 years has been followed The five products for shipment of 6. days, won the Fujian Provincial People's Government awarded Games Research Association transport packaging container, container bags, cardboard boxes, trays and the realization of containerization. Storage and Transportation Company in the handling and transportation equipment, storage, transportation, stacking and other implementation Jincang series,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], normalization, standardization. China Packaging 1992 Vol l2 1 / 23


[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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