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The most popular sneakers top 6

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1.Nike Hyperdunk
Comments about NIKE Hyperdunk:
"Light with great ankle support. Absorbs impact after a couple seconds in the air.
"lightest, nicest, and most comfurtable shoe ever made by Nike.
"I'm trying to find a cheap pair I want and I get them.
"The best pair of shoes made by Nike. Very comfortable.
"The lightest basketball shoe ever made by NIKE.
2.[link widoczny dla zalogowanych] V
The reason why this shoe is on this list is more for the potential of what LeBron's shoes can be. However, it is a quality basketball shoe with good colors. It is a low top, but a comfy shoe no less.It has a simple swoosh on the side, and the bottom of the shoe had a good style, because let's face it—you see the bottom of LeBron's shoes a lot when you
watch him play.
3.[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]
Nike free series from 3.0-5.0-7.0.Lower the number, the closer the foot barefoot (FERR series is the emphasis on the concept of barefoot).The higher the number, the more foot cushioning feel.More specifically, that stick to sex FREE 3.0; run faster; more suitable for delivery of the short movement required.FREE 5.0 is more stable than 3.0; more than the 7.0 posted for the location; mobility better, provide a more natural comfort.The FREE 7.0 is more stable; run more stable and more regulations in the Middle and Long Distance endurance sports!
4.[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]
You'll want a shoe that can look cute with jeans, but not so casual that you couldn't wear nicer slacks with it too. This pretty skimmer from Gabriella Rocha is a great example the kind of shoe I'm talking about, and it's available in loads of great colors and materials.
5.Nike Delta Lite
Only you can be the judge of what will work best as your "every day" shoe, but whether it's a sneaker, a loafer or a flip-flop; comfort, fit and style should be key in choosing the right shoes for your everyday wear. I wear a lot of jeans, so I'm a sucker for cute and casual flats, like the 'Sloop' from French Sole. I often opt for bright and unique colors, because they add a bit of personality to even the most basic of outfits.
6.[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]
This pair of shoes is very simple, no less any ancient masterpieces, the Department of blue leather shoe uppers, and hook the white standard and the end of phase contrast, fresh and elegant style has become more conspicuous. Upper man-made fabrics using advanced very comfortable. Part of the ripple-style rubber outsole enhance durability and slip resistance. Upper full texture print designs with elegant atmosphere. High-style design to help bring you the same trend style.
[link widoczny dla zalogowanych] 2009 is to use a feature of today's most fiery flywire technology, lightweight materials will be applied to running shoes most of the upper, the weight to the theoretical limit. And continue with the full foot cushion AIRMAX,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], dare to give a great foot comfort and visual impact. While the use of new technology, and to retain the AIRMAX body of the shoe itself, the design of traditional lines, new technologies and old traditions in the collision at the same time, calibration standards of the new running shoes. Hope [link widoczny dla zalogowanych] as AM90, AM95, like in the future can become a classic.

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