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We (humans) evolved with senses suited to our savannah environment – natural selection (a la Darwin) gave us what we needed to survive on the ancient savannas in Africa. Recent developments have allowed us to expand on – and go beyond – the way we can see, hear, and feel our environment and the natural world.
Even humble frogs seem to be different from populaton to population, and nothing seems as clear-cut as when we simply looked at animal shapes, number of legs and spots, funny internal bits, in the past. We used to decide who was related to whom on the basis of what we could see with our savanna-biased eyes. Looking at DNA is showing us that we were often wrong in the past.
Bats work on a time-scale we would not even consider, and whales can be very long-winded. At our own speed animals often communicate with frequencies outside our range.
Now that we are able to look into the details of the chemical (DNA) that controls life on earth we are able to detect unsuspected relationships and divergences. A good example would be the way that Cave Bear mitochondrial DNA studies suggest that humans – thousands of years ago – stole their caves.
Microscopes allow us to look at very small things – electron microscopy the very smallest.
We can now look at images in time-frames that we did not evolve to see. Time-lapse allows us to see things that would otherwise be too slow for us to notice, and high-speed photography allows us to look at stuff too fast for us to notice.
Animals that seem the same can be very different, and animals that seem different can be the same!
Whales do sing, dolphins do communicate [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], chimpanzees do have some sort of language. It's just that we could not hear it before. Even insects are saying stuff we never thought of!
This is just one more example of the way in which new technology is revealing hitherto unsuspected details of animal life. DNA studies, electron microscopy, high and slow speed photography, acoustic enhancement techniques, all tell us about the hidden world of animal existence.
We evolved to hear stuff that was important for our survival. Now we can listen to frequencies we are not adapted for, and even at slower or faster speeds than those that would have concerned us in Africa.
I came across some stunning images today – revealed by electron microscopy. Daily Mail, 1 September 2010
There is a whole new world waiting for us to look at [link widoczny dla zalogowanych]!
Whenever we expand our senses to look at the very small we discover new wonders. Life slowed down, speeded up, magnified – all is unexpected.
It is likely that every animal has its own world.
Photography and Microscopy
Read on
The Simplest Animal on the Planet
A Description of Psychic Talents
Equine Guided Healing and the Gift of Being in the Moment
DNA Studies
We think we see what is there – not at all [link widoczny dla zalogowanych]! – we see what we are capable of seeing. We see what would have been useful for our distant ancestors to see.
Honeybees see the world in a different way, as do birds and mantis shrimps.

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