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Nike Shox Shoes Easy, Fun Crafts for Easter Celebr

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Be forewarned, making splattered eggs is a messy project. Cover children’s clothing with a smock and clear the work area so as not to splatter furniture or other people.
Cut a strip of paper, about 1.5 inches wide, long enough to create a headband. Tape the two ends together to form a crown. Cut out two exaggerated almond shapes for the ears. Tape them to either side of the headband. Using a marker, trace inside the ears,Nike Shox Shoes, about ½ an inch from the edge. Use markers and other embellishments to decorate the headband.
Rabbit Ears
All parents and kids need to construct an adorable bunny headpiece is paper, tape,Nike Michael Vick, scissors, markers, and stickers.
Alternately, create a neat effect by dyeing hard-boiled eggs then, after allowing the eggs to dry, sticking star-shaped stickers (or stickers in practically any shape) to the eggs. Re-dye the egg in a different color. When the eggs are dry, remove the stickers to reveal the color beneath.
Paper Roll Easter Bunny
Add to the bunny by cutting out additional paper decorations, such as a bowtie or buttons, or glue sparkles to the inner part of the ears. Instead of drawing on the eyes and nose, glue on googly eyes and a colored pom-pom.
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Quick and Easy Easter Crafts
Cute Easter Crafts for Kids
Colored Eggs
Start with an empty toilet paper roll (a paper towel roll will work, too) and draw a face – two eyes, a nose and bunny teeth – on the top half of the roll. Cut out shapes for the ears,Nike Dunk Sb, arms and legs, and fasten appropriately using glue or tape. For the final touch, glue a cotton ball on the back for a tail.
Easter is a great time for families to spend time together making crafts to celebrate the holiday and the arrival of spring. Here are a few small decoration ideas, plus a few new twists on egg coloring.
For a speckled egg effect, color hard-boiled eggs and allow them to dry. Take an old toothbrush and dip the bristles in paint, then run your finger over the bristles to splatter paint on the each egg.
Dyeing hard boiled egg isn’t limited to simply soaking an egg in cup of water tinted with food coloring. Using crayons,Air Force 1, stickers, and a toothbrush can turn plain eggs into hard-boiled masterpieces.
Use wax crayons to draw pictures and designs all over the eggs. Any color crayon will work, including white crayons. Submerge each egg in coloured water for 5 minutes. Remove and allow to dry. The crayon-colored areas will repel the coloring, creating a unique look.
Here is another simple craft that requires material that can be easily found lying around the house.

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