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mulberry tasker PEN beer bottles and replace PENPE

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PEN beer bottles and replace the PEN / PET

Can form a variety of block copolymers, and can in the traditional stretching, blowing, plastic injection equipment for processing = A, restriction of foreign information developed glass bottles and cans of beer (and drink) is in the public events,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], which prompted the selection of beer producers PEN / PET. E canthal p legs nPlasticsNews (European Plastics News) lO 1997 Journal of the report: plastic beer bottle market will grow rapidly, forecast to 2 ∞ 0, the world for the production of PET bottles of beer to reach 100901999 Ⅵ 19N0.4CHINAPACKAC4NG tons. Predicted that: lO million tons in 1999 reached Europe, Asia-Pacific l3 million tons; to 2O05 largest market in North America is expected to reach 25 million tons, followed by Asia-Pacific,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Western Europe ∞ tons of plastic beer bottles = In order to improve preservation properties of the barrier, often added to PET in the PEN. Among the many producers, Teijin (Japan) Company, 10 companies,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Urffpet Company and Shell Development Company PEN walk in the forefront. Sh * ll has developed two performance PEN, they are the PEN homopolymer, performance than PET, has better chemical resistance and gas and UV barrier. Both PEN are granular, with high transparency and gloss, and better heat resistance. One Hipemff9000 is a high molecular weight resin (1V = 062), available industrial steam sterilization method, you can heat package,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], air tightness, transparent, and has successfully developed the beer bottles and juice bottles. Coca-Cola Company in 1996 were PEN and PET / PEN bottles mixture of single-trial test marketing, is now the PEN bottles will be recycled successfully reload hit South America; French Herb company is specialized in manufacturing PET / PEN's system bottles of the company; Japan UniPET company is two bottles of industry to the Japanese manufacturers Listeriene and k r Kun de coral provide a small amount of PEN in PET resin to produce good heat resistance, recyclable beer bottles filled with repetition. Packaging design experts predict that the international authority of the 2l century trend of total food packaging lO aspects, of which the first three aspects emphasized large plastic containers (such as plastic buckets,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], cans) and small plastic bottles to replace glass. Therefore, PET PEN and its copolymers, and the development and application of alloy series will be more rapid. The overall statistics show that worldwide in 1993, PET was 240 million tons, will increase to 46O 2OOO tons. Mature pEN / PET hybrid experiments show that: 15% PEN +85% PET using the best (referring to heat and scratch resistance force). U.S. FDA has recently been formally approved by the Chemical Products Company by Mann (EastmanChemicalProductsInc) proposed the use of PET homopolymer applications as food packaging materials. Second, the domestic outlook 2l century, China's beer industry, the annual output of more than 2OOO tons is expected for people about to happen. At present annual output to 18 million tons of beer, there are still nearly 8o% of bottled beer, from China's national conditions, most of the beer companies are still using recycled beer bottles. Developed countries in recent years also the relevant provisions, such as a factory in the plant cycle of a market turnaround circle only 5 times. Practice has proved that the factory: the specified period even if the recovery bottle, the bottle in the filling system, sterilization machine, filling machine continuous roll, play, climb, pull, and its damage is amazing, leading to plant loss wine One important reason, I see a beer company out of season break in the production of glass bottles every day as much as several trucks. Finished the bottle of beer as examples of the human body injuries are common. These are seriously exposed the beer filling beer bottles from production to marketing activities of the drawbacks. Find a leak with the glass of the same material to maintain, and can meet the practical requirements, no, not easily broken, transparent, light weight, and easy recovery and transport, and re-use of caustic washing recycling, and its cost comparable with modern glass beer bottles, beer business is the focus of common concern. PEN and its copolymers, and alloy products research and development in China no one on the PEN China is a populous country, even if only 1% of beer instead PEN / PET bottles. NA me a meal in this country also needs to PEN / PET million metric tons, the output value of the yuan. With the deepening of reform and opening up the situation, I believe that the macro policy makers will grasp the opportunity, the introduction of technology to realize our aspirations. ●


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