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mulberry tasker Paper made ​​in the corr

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,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]
Paper made in the corrugated box manufacturing process problems and improvement suggestions

These impurities in the left in the manufacture of corrugated paper corrugated board, jI}} melting due to heat and soften the impurities in the paper surface of the hot melt impurities from the surface of the transfer to the base paper cited by the paper roll, after some time , as the lead roller melt impurities on the increase, resulting in paper with the argument by the friction between the paper roll resistance increases, the speed becomes faster to produce once-off paper. The consequences are not corrugated cardboard machine according to the manufacturer to adjust operation speed of the actual situation, often breaking the manufacturing process of paper also makes increased losses, poor rate. C-class problem is kraft linerboard surface roughness, impurities, especially in the use of printing out pink hair loss generated in the process affect the printing quality of products noted in the use of C-class are often used kraft linerboard pulp mixed part of the magma noodles, large and small surface of the soft and hard colors of these impurities and bad generation of impurities floating on the surface of paper, once the process in a flexible printed with inks and printing plates in contact, some of which the paper surface fiber bond strength is not high,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], impurities will transfer printing plate. Products caused by the subsequent printing of the presence of these impurities have printed the so-called trapping printing problem of the poor. Although C-115 itself, the price of paper or B grade than A-paper is low, but the paper itself to deal with various types of losses arising from bad is not small. To this end, it is recommended that exists for paper-making enterprises problem, consider upgrading from the following aspects: (1) waste paper raw material: to strengthen the management and classification of waste paper use, reduce or eliminate as much as possible for the C paper kraft paper cardboard noodle qualities that exist in non- pulp content, improve the purity of waste paper. (2) pulp treatment: in the process of waste paper pulp to strengthen management. in avoiding mixed with other waste paper processing while increasing pulp processing equipment, in particular, dust filter equipment and processing capabilities to enable the processing slurry sufficient time and appropriate treatment process, which as far as possible removal of impurities (3) change of mindset: Some may think that C-level concept is to use waste paper pulp dried noodles, which impurities and other issues it is inevitable, and not one of great importance to solve the problems, but national standards,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the only paper to carry out the physical indicators of level of distinction, there are no impurities at all levels of the surface of the paper provided separately. From this point of view level regardless of how the paper should be the implementation of uniform standards. In addition, the fact imported kraft linerboard Noodle C class also uses waste paper pulp, but apart from occasional outside the oil spots. basically there is no other obvious impurities phenomenon. (4) To prevent the paper out of powder in the printing process,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], hair loss, suggested in the paper drying process drag on the plastic surface of paper, so that hair loss can improve the phenomenon of powder out of paper, printing paper can also improve performance. IV. Paper-made joints more breaking paper in the course of the paper also found that too much access, but the joints without signs or no obvious signs, even the phenomenon will not receive paper; although sometimes pick up the paper, but paper receiving ineffective, paper may be received well by adhesive tape, revolves Relay; also compared the domestic mills are used to take only one side of adhesive paper, paper, paper form of this connection is not high tension, especially in the corrugated board machine speed, this splicing form of a pull to break, on the existence of these phenomena will affect the normal production of corrugated board machine. bring more trouble on the manufacturing process, resulting in unnecessary waste. to change this situation, from the next few areas for improvement: (1) better use of bullock knot strength adhesive tape; (2) in the next paper in the process should be joint, 3'b --- sides of paper with adhesive tape, and in the direction perpendicular to the interface inside and outside the paste several adhesive tape in order to improve access as strong as fools; (3) where joints must be clearly marked; (4) main base paper copy should be made to improve quality and reduce the paper-making process down on paper . that in the corrugated board base paper processing machines in use. for safer and more assured. Paper described above is only made more prominent in the course,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and on the corrugated box manufacturing process and product quality of some of the negative factors in the larger . Other such as: kraft linerboard surface is not smooth printing effect caused by bad; base paper rolls at both ends of grievances. even clear trumpet; paper roll core is too soft, easy to use deformation; start roll, do not have double-sided adhesive tape paper, revolves around the core on the volume of water used, resulting in areas close to the core of the paper roll high water, there are wrinkles and other problems can not be used, etc. not covered. Xi domestic kraft linerboard and corrugated medium production enterprises can be caused by the shortcomings of the current attention. new ideas, constantly improve the manufacturing process, stability, and improve product quality. to meet the corrugated box industry's evolving needs.


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