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mulberry tasker Likes to watch the city of Shenyan

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Likes to watch the city of Shenyang, Northeast China Packaging and Printing - Northeast features, unique

To invest. Shanghai real estate companies. Chinese Bao Xie,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Shanghai Baoxie guidance to the advantage of Shanghai metropolis. To the international and domestic investment. Integration of resources. This is a multi-run packaging, packaging, and tongues. A place in Shanxi. There are 10 self-employed, with 15 corrugated single machine. Form a Nanjing in the Expected in the coming years. Will appear in various forms of We can debut. Are also in receiving market test. More importantly, the packaging of the city today is not how, but depends on the development of tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. I visited this trip, First met, a see is a big boss, Xiao Nianqing. After understanding that he is a true president, took command of I have more advice to the Secretary-General Chan Yeng Kit, he is my friend. Also very young, former Secretary of Liaoning Province Baoxie, very talented. More high-level relations, many difficult things, he can be done. His office is the Secretary-General. In fact, he is I called him the type of military advisor Zhuge Liang. The next day I went to Shenyang, the Secretary-General, accompanied by Chen, looked very big, A plain. Mountains and rivers. What We went to turn a full circle zone. Everywhere on site construction team. Red flag fluttering. Signs everywhere, busy. Faction thriving scene. Development of leadership to come to me very warm. Also have a little hope, hired me as a development zone To the northeast city. So what do you think? Make any comment on that? Me: eight characters - Northeast features, unique. The first major feature: Office Mall. Packaging and printing industry, is the first in the country. China packaging and printing industry,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], has always been the dominance of Baoxie China Baoxie and local Baoxie went through ten. ; Gou Zhi potato boxing in east, west years of the changes. Liaoning insight, for the revival of packaging and printing industry associations, to change it as undoubtedly lead to new competition. Office A way to break the single intermediary service industry associations in China model. The second major feature: Northeast City do in the zone. In the country,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], packaging, printing production enterprises to enter the zone is common,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and in the zone to do, Why? This choice makes sense, because the Shenyang Agricultural High-tech Development Zone, known as the Has a large number of deep processing of agricultural products, food. The output value of more than 30 million, needs packaging. Followed by Northeast (Liaoning, Heilongjiang, Jilin provinces) region has more than 300 billion package a large market, which is the Secretary General Chen: Northeast by the fast development of heavy industry, light industry turned to, and packaging, printing far behind, especially in Liaoning closely with South Korea across the sea. When I am in Shenyang. South Korea and Japan just run into weeks,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], a surge of the Chen has repeatedly stressed the Secretary-General: domestic and international packaging businesses, please go to The third major feature: the provision of education in Northeast industrial city. Can say: Is Education City. Combined with the education industry. Of which 800 acres of industrial land (accounting for 61_53%). The construction of 30 million ~ 50 million square meters standard workshop. Can accommodate more than 5O processed products packaging and printing companies. This is the only packaging northeast industrial base. In the 300 acres of land (23%) for the construction of Scale of 1 million people. Secretary-General Chen said: The university was built up. Local enrollment. Students after graduation. Local organization of work. In addition to formal education. Also run vocational education. Northeast face of the majority of packaging and printing companies. This is a unique package of education in Northeast base. I read that the future It was the best landscape zone treasure. There are rolling hills. PACKAGlNGANDPRlNTlNG


hollister The urgent problem of packaging carton i

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

ed hardy bikinit Beijing 4 kinds of plastic produc

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