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mulberry tasker Developed countries to promote the

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Developed countries to promote the development of logistics industry

l0 million to improve roads and facilities for bulk cargo transport system, to form a global competition the U.S. economy a good foundation for efficient and economical way to transport customers and goods. Japanese government has been more emphasis on the logistics infrastructure and improved. Back in l965, the Japanese government in the to launch a nationwide high-speed road network, port facilities, circulation and other gathering infrastructure. European countries is to promote large-scale cargo hub, logistics bases, logistics centers and other new types of public distribution centers and logistics infrastructure development. The main policy measures: First, to strengthen planning,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], such as Germany, enacted in l980 to 40 in the national construction of logistics center planning,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], has been completed and put into use 20; Second, the government granted land-use convenience and benefits, and into a certain pre-development funds. If the regional government of Italy Long Badi measures to support the use of the logistics center in Milan around the development; third is given to indirect investments and operations support. For example, the Dutch government through the International Association of the Netherlands set up a European distribution corporate giving distribution center site selection, planning, management guidance, and give a certain percentage of financial support or loan interest. Four promote the standardization of logistics industry, logistics industry in promoting the standardization process, Europe's main approach is: first, infrastructure for logistics, equipment, development of basic and universal standards. For example, the unified standard pallet, vehicle load standards, items such as bar code standards and safety standards to ensure smooth logistics activities; second, for the development of mandatory safety and environmental standards such as the Clean Air Act, Comprehensive Environmental Responsibility Act, etc.; Third, support for industry associations on a variety of logistics operations service system of China Packaging 2008, 56 / 1, a related industry standards. For example,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the European Logistics Association to develop standard terms of logistics, logistics Qualifying standards. Five to support the logistics and promotion of knowledge and technology innovation to accelerate modernization of the logistics industry in developed countries, major policy initiatives in this area first funded logistics knowledge, technological innovation activities. such as the Netherlands Ministry of Transport Logistics Knowledge Center funded two projects are research oriented transport technology and logistics supply chain management technology,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the annual cost of the study funded by up to 10 million euros; Second, advocacy and support new technologies in the logistics industry in the application and promotion, especially in information technology and automation technology, application and promotion. If the United States to actively promote and support EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), cPs (Global Positioning System), ClS (GIS) in the logistics operation is widely used to support the road freight transport smart card system, the port automatic container handling technology development and promotion. VI oriented to develop the necessary policy guidance to encourage the development of logistics industry in Western countries agreed that the logistics industry associations, government policies need to develop measures to support and guide the rapid development of the logistics industry, of which some U.S. and Japanese governments in China should learn from experience and practice. The Japanese Government logistics industry has been very focused on the rational planning and development policies, l977 Strategy in the Ministry of Transport Ministry of Japan announced the has an important influence of the policy. This outline is Japan's logistics modernization and development in depth guide to the development of the logistics industry in Japan has important historical significance. l999, the Japanese government turn the logistics industry into their national economic regeneration strategies. United States Government, in particular its state governments have adopted a number of positive guidance measures to encourage the development of logistics industry. Such as Texas, San Antonio Air Force base by the imminent closure of a large logistics center built to make the city as soon as possible as the NAFTA trade corridor. To this end, the city has developed the first decade of exemption from property taxes,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], sales tax returns, the enterprise engaged in cargo transfer shall be exempted from property tax and a series of tax incentives to attract investment and accelerate the process of development of logistics enterprises. In addition, U.S. Transportation Secretary Ronald Fernandez proposed the Flat in l996, is undoubtedly a landmark guidance document.


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