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mulberry tasker Arms coordination dynamics of rest

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Arms coordination dynamics of restraint system

RCRCS procedure the number of body systems can be arbitrary, the system can be open or closed kinematic chain kinematic chain. System, the body may be subject to any constraints and external load, the adjacent public hinge between the body can be transferred by a spring and damper. By using this program to do the following: (1) the joint torques are known external force and joint damping, spring and constraints, the obtained micro-vibration system and large displacement response (2) in the planned joint torques and the arm-side motion constraints set the case of joint torque manipulator system verification of the rationality of planning (3) the malfunction,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the use of procedures such as a spacecraft out of control when the system failure points in the fold. Start parameters calculated by propagation of information ... _Jl calculated equation of state is called when the variable functor setback the right call lr operator sequence to the process state variables (4) in the known initial conditions, can be obtained for each body center of mass absolute velocity and acceleration, absolute angular velocity and angular acceleration; the relative angular displacement of the body, the relative velocity and relative angular acceleration. Under certain conditions, joint forces can be obtained. It can control and optimize the design of the implementation of the necessary data. 3.2 Simulation examples arms grasping an object the process of coordination of movement. Initial position the system shown in Figure 5, the rods of equal length for a 0.3048m homogeneous rigid rod. A, B fixed at both ends of each rod hinged together. The process of movement in the system requirements of translational rod 4, and accelerations, respectively one by one for the Y 2m/sZ = 0.5m / s Find the action of gravity,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the system of the arm position and orientation in O. Changes within 8s (the pole mass 14.6kg) Analysis: 1 Xu Hongwei, etc. coma: j arm coordination dynamics of restraint system 7 arms for the grip of Figure 5 Figure 6 System response to the initial location of the pole 4 In the course of the campaign at a given acceleration constrained motion, so the left end of rod 4, the position at any time point should be y '() a Y' () + Y '(to) t + Z' (£) for a Z '( .) + Z. (+ The initial conditions Y. (f.) A 2.6 /, Y (f.) One 0Z. (O) a 1.5l,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Z. () 10 was ;,.(。) III. ( .)) one by one +2. z. () A 0.25l +1.5 l when a 0.8 Y. (0.Cool a 0.5z five (0.Cool a 2l Figure 6 DRCRCS program results,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], consistent with the analysis results. 4 Conclusion In this paper, the independent movement of each arm and arms coordinated movement dynamics are discussed. For the moment arms with claw-side grip objects, collision dynamics,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], needs further study. References 1 Shao Chengxun and so on. Multi-body dynamic equations of the chain. Air University, 1988I9 (11) 558-5642HtlstonRL-Multibodydynamics-modelingandana] ysismethods. AppliedMechanicsReview, 1991444 (3) LO91L78 Vibration Engineering Volume 7 TheDynamicalProblemsInvestigationonDual-RobotSystemwithCoordinatedConstraintsXuHongweiMaXingruiHuangWenhuShaoChengxunZouZhengzhu (Dept.ofAstronauticsandMechanics, HarbinInstituteofTechnologyHarbin, 150006) AbstraetThispaperinvestigatesthedynamicalpro ~ emsofadual-robotsystemwithcoordinatedconstraints. Thesystemmodellingmethodwhichissuitableforcomputeranalysisandthecoordinatedconstraintsarepresented. AnexampleillustratingtMconceptsandtheanalyticalresultsdonebya $ oftwa ~ DRCRCSaresiren. keywords: dual-robotsystemIcoordinateteonstraints ~ dynamicsiorthogonalcomplementmatrix


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