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mulberry taske _4760 about brand extension strateg

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Talk about brand extension strategy

Damaged. Have been successfully brand is priceless, and if the brand extension resulted in a successful brand acres reputation has been damaged. So, even if short-term extension is likely to outweigh the benefits. First, many products use the same brand as the original brand's uniqueness may be gradually lost. Position in the minds of consumers is likely to weaken, thus losing its original appeal to consumers; Second, extension products may rise to some of the bad meaning, and thus have a negative impact on the original brand. Suppose a production of food and drink companies involved in the development of feminine hygiene products, well used to develop the original brand of feminine hygiene products, and it is possible to have a negative impact on the brand and may even be greatly hurt the consumers,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], especially adult emotional male consumers, allowing them to produce resistance of its three high-end products when the brand to the low-end products from the extension of time. The noble image of the original brand will thus be compromised. Is the success of male status symbol, is the male model of high-end apparel. If one day can be seen everywhere from the street stall on the production of low Goldlion Group brand extension above the right decisions, companies will benefit from multi; but once the decision-making mistakes, it is possible to enable enterprises to significant losses. some international famous brands, such as Chuai Music: IBM 'in the process of brand extension that has some painful lessons. How to reduce the risk of brand extension and mistakes better bring into full play the positive effect of brand extension. to promote enterprise development? I believe that the brand extension decision making signs of the times companies should pay attention to the following aspects: First, the process of brand extension decisions. should be fully consider the availability of the following conditions: (1) extension products with the original brand image should adapt to each other every success often has its own brand image and feature only the extension of the brand and its image features used dovetail homes, close to the products,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Brand extensions are more likely to be successful. such as the original brand have been successfully shaping the high, noble, grand image of the product to be only a very general extension products are not suitable for brand extension. to consider creating new brands. (2) extension products with the original there should be an intrinsic link between the products. Only when the extension product and the original product (brand) closely associated with,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], or complement each other. or complement each other, consumers have the goodwill of the original product spleen may be transferred to the extension of the product, brand extension is possible received great recognition of consumers; the contrary, it may have alienated consumers are reluctant to use the extension products. (3) the use of an extension of the original brand product should be able to provide a clam can make consumers feel some added value particular interest or benefit. as an extension of the product using a sense of accomplishment, sense of pride and so on. If you just wanted fame and reputation of the brand extension products to improve the visibility of the extension products can not,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], or let it difficult to convince consumers that the reason Such brand extension. most likely just because it might jeopardize Taiwan due to an extension of the original brand products, reputation, caused irreparable damage to the enterprise. In this case, companies may consider the dual brand strategy brand strategy or relatives, so that both the original brand and the use of influence and reputation. for the success of new products into the market icing on the cake; the same time, to contact the original brand new product and brand extension when it was not close, even if the new product on the market can not succeed, still will not pose too much of the impact of the original brand. ● USA TMI packaging testing equipment company, one the nation's gold medal for the Lane mentioned group of paper, cardboard, corrugated paper, plastic, adhesive tape, labels, aluminum foil and various composite materials, packaging,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], printing hundreds of hardness testing equipment and exercise discretion in print pressed thickness of the determination of the surface of Ni Tan prophecy given roughness slow smoothness, air permeability measured positioning of the tear strip tensile strength of dry stiffness delete only be given anxiety pressure stains his hand be strong Ha anxiety measured short-range compression slot Weng Pikangkela anxiety, but stripping a pair of shoes Determination of heat intensity anxiety grind worthy of vine mildew set foot inch meter set suitcase body control layer strength tester Q Results Guangdong kinds of odd cut, die even the oxygen of MAS will be determined bit MAS2000 MAS1000 suitable moist permeable organic Xuan Ni friction set Coefficient of anxiety were Mou index Strength Tester Man Financial Analysis training apparatus LRX tadpole test machine marks removed sealing closure stacking strength be cut off the test scheduled to blush instep closure vibration test in l impact tester pressed strength of anti-anxiety viscometer is subsidized cloth machine ink printability of friction but the RNA gloss meter color white strip with the system density meter meter meter Hungary Address: North Star East Road, the 18th Beijing Asian Games Village Catic Plaza Hotel Room 420 Postal Code: 1001016l


Óculos Oakley Beijing 4 kinds of plastic products

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

oakley norge Current situation of plastic waste in

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